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December 24, 2003     Sidney Herald
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December 24, 2003

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 24, 2003 EXPLORING THE REALMS OF OT ORY, SCIENCE, Nh, TURE & TECHNOLOGY internal organs (liver, stomach and intestines) were in four gold canopic vessels. boy pharaoh disagree on who parents were, may have been the Akhenaten and his wife, Kiya (Akhenaten's was Nefertiti, and they daughters). Tutankhamen around 1341 or 1342 was the pharaoh (king) 1333 to 1323 B.C. about age 9 to 18). He 12th king of. the 18th Shortly after becoming Tutankhamen was to his half-sister g names birth name was which means image of the Aten." twas a sun god introduced during the reign of Tutankhamen's father. ; after he became pharaoh, Ills was changed to Tutankhamun image of Amun." The change reflected a reversion traditional religion and of the god Amun. can be spelled three Tutankhamun, Tutankhamen grand vizier Tutankhamen was so young came to the throne, he was by a chief minister (vizier) and It called Ay. Ay made most of the t decisions for the young pharaoh. Ay's direction, Thebes was as the capital of Egypt. The ended and the old temples were reopened and There is some speculation became and murdered when grew old enough to have his own opinions. After died, Ay married king's widow and pharaoh. general was Egypt's highest during the reigns of Tutankhamen and Ay. Egypt's armies against Hittites l Syria. He was also for the death of the prince and groom-to-be of Tutankhamen's widow. action probably forced to marry Ay. Ay died four years after pharaoh, Horemheb Nefertiti's sister and became and Nst, pharaoh of the 18th He then destroyed every or of Painted sandals~ 'United Feature Syndicate, Inc. More than 3,000 years after his death, the tomb of a young, obscure Egyptian pharaohwas discovered, and Tutankhamen became the most famous of all Egyptian kings. Painted wood head of the young pharaoh Winged scarab !i" pendant Mediterranean A treasure hunt In 1907, two men who shared an interest in Egyptology formed a partnership to search for ancient treasures. Lord Carnarvon supplied the money and Howard Carter ovided the archaeological expertise: Carter believed'that King Tut was buried in the Valley of the Kings and obtained permission to excavate there. The first World War interrupted the work, but in 1917 digging resumed. After six unsuccessful seasons, Carter was discouraged, but on Nov. 4, 1922, Carter's men found a hidden stairway beneath a layer of rubble. Carter sent to England for Lord Camarvon. On Nov. 26, the two men made history by discovering the tomb of Tutankhamen. Layout of ths tomb: The door- ways were sealed with plaster. Doorways are shown in gray. Howard Carter (1873-1939) Burlal casing key .... :-. 1. Outer shrine Carved ,'" ..... !~" : alabaster 2. Gabled frame lamp in the (covered with shape of lotus ..... cloth) flowers. ~, ~:,% .... ....,~ ~ .... 3. Second shrine ~:: 4. Third shrine Golden diadem 5. Inner shrine (crown) worn by Tut'smummy ~ .... Stairs 6. Sarcophagus 7. First coffin 8. Second coffin 9. Third coffin 10. The mummy The tomb It is believed that Tutankhamen was buried in a small tomb originally Intended for someone else, and that it was used because the pharaoh died so young and unexpectedly. The tomb was packed to the ceiling with goods. More than 5,000 objects -- including chariots, statues, pottery, alabaster and gold --- were found in the tomb. The burial chamber was almost entirely filled by the golden shrine. Around the shrine were some oars and wine vessels. The treasury The mummy's contained religious and funerary items linens were --- including the canopic jars that held fragile and .... , . . crumbling, me King S internalorgans. The mummy The burial chamber The unwrapping of the mummified was the only room in pharaoh was a slow and laborious the tomb decorated endeavor that began on Nov. 15, . with wall paintings. 1923. The autopsy was performed " The thiNcoffin ) '. by Douglas E. Derry. The autopsy (No. 9 on the concluded that Tutakhamen was graphic) contained about 5 feet, 4 inches (1.63 m) tall and that he died between the ages of 17 and 19. X-rays taken in the 1960s found fragments of bone in the skull, suggesting a possible blow to the head. The feet of Tut's mummy were s heath~ed in gold. He also had golden thimbles on his toes and fingers. the mummy and was made of solid gold. It weighed 243 pounds (110.4 kg). The first (No. 7) and second (No. 8) coffins were made of wood and covered in @old ~og. ..... .y" / Solid gold mask wom by Tutankhamen's mummy The curse Five months after the discovery of King Tut's tomb, Lord Camarvon died. An infected mosquito bite weakened the already-frail Englishman, and he succumbed to pneumonia. Newspapers around the world were filled with stories about the "pharaoh's curse." Other strange stories emerged that fueled the rumors of a deadly curse. The lights of Cairo were said to have gone out on the night Lord Camarvon died. Camarvon's dog (back home in England) supposedly howled the night of his master's passing and then dropped dead. Howard Carter's pet canary was eaten by a cobra on the day the tomb was opened. Nevertheless, Carter, who discovered the tomb and would be the most likely victim of a curse if tl ere were one, lived foralmost 17 years after his discovery, and about 10 of those years were spent working in the tomb and with its artifacts. Test your knowledge ACROSS 3. Traditional Egyptian god 4. The coffin that held Tutankhamen's mummy was made of this. 6. Chief minister who married Tut's widow. 8. This high general became the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. DOWN 1. Tutankhamen's tomb was found in this valley, 3. Jars or vessels for a mummy's internal organs 5. These supposedly went out in Cairo when Lord Camarvon died. 6. Sun god introduced by Tutankhamen's father. 7. Tutankhamen made this city the capital of Egypt dudng his reign. :,i~::~ , ,~ ~ :~,~ .... :~. ~i~ . + ::s ...... iri.~ ................. | ) ::;;:2 SOURCES: WoOd Book Enc)tt:~o~ World Book Inc.; Encyc/ope~ Amer/cana, Grolier Inc.; T~~ T~ II~elson; I@to the Mummy'$ Tomb: The RMI.L~ Discover/of Tutanktwnen's T~ Scho~ieon ~ In Search el Tutankhamun, Peter Bedrick Books. Sponsorea by People ...we are your story! Community involvement. insight. and Businesses who caret Deniece Schwab 482-2403 INC ORPORATI~I:I LUI'dBER .,mmJ I I Sidney. 488-4400 www. N. Central Ave, rl, 101 South Central Avenue~Sidney4M33.8600 www.stockmanb .com I Lambert