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October 13, 1971     Sidney Herald
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October 13, 1971

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. . , . VRA HENDERSON SeCretary MONDAK WAGON TRAIN CLUB The Indian Summer Trail Ride of the MonDak Wagon Train Club, Sunday, was vvery bit as good as we hoped tt would he! Between 3S and 40 met at the eerrals On the east end of the John BlankenShip Ranch, west of Savage, Saturday evening, for the potluck beef steak supper, and to take part in the regular meeting of the Club, .which was held around the campfire in the corral, 2B - The Sidney Herald, Sidney, Mont., Wednesday, October 13, 1971 ' v Soul ' On " The Cows Have Come H, Hard. Ride , HARRY CORRY parently going to waste that that hisherd Soil ConservaUon Service way. smaller and C00randview Jim Brenner had set up his tent for an "'outdoor theatre" showing his slides of the Me- morial Day weekend Wagon Train, the Culhertson Labor weekemi trail ride, with some slides of "swamp buggy" type vehicle contests in the mmtains for variety. Albert Swanson, Serill Hen- derso John King, Everett Goldsmith and Leo Becker transported equipment and set up camp. There were 16 of us hardy souls who c OUt at the corrals, Saturday night. It got just plenty cool, but the heauti- lhl star display with a coyote chorus serenade that brought back memories of eampouts on the Redwater River when I was a kid made it a night to be re- membered with pleasure. Sunday morning it was sau- sage and pancakes withplenty of syrup and coffee, wtnorushto spoil the leisurely morning. Our trail scOUt mubiesbuoter, all around good man, Johnny Blankenshtp, r o d e out, and rounded up the team and some saddle horses. The team was hitched to one of Blankenship'$ good wagons which was soon loaded with about a dozen peo- ple on the bales ot straw, Blan- kenShip St'. took the reins, lead- ing the group  25 riders on a circle ride, which lasted about five hours. The trail consisted of pas- tures, with all the fall colors, flten up and over steep narrow trails into badlands scenery, deep canyons and ronghbreaks. We also went past old home- stead sites with the landmwre- seeded to grass for cattle. Mrs. BlankenShip had a hot and. hearty lunch ready for the bunch at the corrals aixmt 3 p.m. After some impromptu r-se races and a weight -. guessing contest on the BI kenship team, her se s were load- ed and mov out  4:30. An- other ride is hoped for soo I-filbert AppeI, Winamac, Ind., arrived at the Harold Blvens home, Friday, for aweeksvislL We received two inches of "welcome" rain, Friday mad Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, George Milne, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Davis, Mr. and Mrs. DaytWilloughby and Mr. and Mrs. Victor To,an st- tended the golden anniversary 0f Tyre Lodge 136 AF&AMand Maude Marshall Chapter 102 OES banquet at Richey, Satur- day. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bivens, and Htltrt Appel spent Sunday sightseeing at Fart Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carl: sen were Sidney callers onble day. Mrs. Jmnie Johnston and Mrs. William Fatzlager were Wolf Point- eallers, Monday. Mr. and Mrs Jack Carlsen were Sts of- Mr, and, Mrs. Joe and family visited Mrs, Virgil To,Yes, Wolf Point, :Tuesday; Mr. and Mrs. Dick.Stoker, Bremerton, Wash,, and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stoker, Rlchey, were Wednesday d;_rmer guests of Mr s. Eft, Penis. UP AND AV 'I:M - Adding to the trash pile collected along Highway 16 is a mere- bet of Scout Troop 187 of Sidney. The troop sponsored the clean-up last Saturday, beginning at the Fairgrounds, west of Sidney, when they hauled several truckloads of litter to the City dump. A hot dog picnic, furnished by the City, with refresh- merits from Blue Rock Products, followed for the deserving crew. Friends Of Coyotes 'Hc,wl' By ROBERT E, M;LLER Montana Press Association Enemies of the e had their inning in a hearing before the Montana Fish and Gam Commission Sept, 25. Now it's time for friends of the COyote to have their say on Oct. 19. The issue is whether the Fish and Game Department sbeuld continue its corlbuon 0f0,- 000 ayear to the state's preda- tor control prram. The com- mission has voted to withhold its usual contribution until a is completed of the en- The statemem noted thatpre- daters do affect remnat popula- tions of wildlife or newly intro- duced species, but it said that control efforts should be aimed at particular animals doing damage and not at entire spe- cies. One of the commlss/oners, Robert Smmo.s, a Great Falls lawyer, said that in view of the statement, a further contribu- tion by the department to pre- dater control might be illegal. Testit before the com- mission in favor of eont'med an assertion that coyotes are also preying on the antelope population, a spokesman for the Fish and Gam Department replied that such predation is a part of the natural mortality rate for wildlife and has little effect on total numbers. In the meantime, the Federal Bureau of Land Managernem .has aonouneed a more stringent policy on the use of predator control measures on lands it administers. Ranchers have been told there will be no control atrthorized without written requests which Fall has arrived. Another grazing season is drawing to a close. Our rangelands are being deserted for Lhe winter. The cows are going home. Some of these vacated pas- tures have quite a bit of old grass left on them. It sways in the autumn breezes. R seems to wave to passers-by. Have you noticed oldgrasson a grazed pasture waving atyou? What kind of a story did it tell you? A pasture which has quite a bit of grass left after the graz- ing season is ended can cream a variety of opinions about the rancher who left the grass. "A feller who'd leave good grass like that is plumb Ioco," Sam says. "He' s a poor operator," Slim opines. "He's not taking advan- tage of all of hi s possibilities for profit." "The poor devil probably has- n't got enough stock to use all of his grass," Mac riggers. "He should buy more cows sohe cam clean it up." "He's doing a mighty fine job of range management," Bob reckons. That's quite an asset:mentor conclusions. Who' s right?. Some folks are scandalized when they see good grass ap- Safeway Notes Year's Earnings Safeway Stores, Incorporat- ed, reported increases in both sales and earnings for the first 36 weeks of 1971. According to Safeway Presi- dent, W. S. Mitchell, consolidat- ed unaudited sales for the 36 weeks ended Sept. 11, 1971, were $3,651,367,000, an in- crease of 13 per centover sales of $3,236,432,000, in the com- parable period of 1970. Consolidated, unaudited net "After all, the only way that grass will make money is on a cow," these folks will say. "That man cOUld have put sev- eral more pounds ofmeatonhis critters if he's let themeat that grass." The man whoknowsgrass and cows, however, will nod approv- ingly. When he sees such apas- ture he's apt to say: "The fellow who owns that range is going to beinthe cattle business for a long time.'" Old grassis a sign of a healthy range. Grass isproperlyusedif about half of the current year' s growth is given to the cow. The half that the cows leave is the soil's share of tl-dsyear'scrop. It is also the half that main- tains the grass in a vigorOUs and productive condition. If a grass plant loses mere than half of its growth during the spring and summer, the roots stiffer. They cannot grow normally. They become stunted and cannot furnish water and nutrients to the Plant. The plant becomes weak and cannot pro- duce the amount of leaves that it should. If overgrazing conUnuesyear after year, the plantdies. Poor- er grasses and weeds eventual- ly come in and the production of the pasture rapidly decreas- es. The rancher can no longer graze as many cows as he once did. By taking all of the grass as a general practice he finds sell down or That old as a mulch for dead material to the grod protective soil. The broken by this is stay open. run into the rushing coulee. Mot* soil means grass. A mulch soil from the I Sol. The sulated and er. ground down. Cooler the moisture mere grass longer growing adds upto cattle. The grass on ranges the cows get, comes support er's income i lives Old grass end of the earmark rancher. ed. It's a good rate money in the NOTICE No Trespassing on, islands east of Ralph Sorenson Richard Vironmontal impact of the pro- funding of the control pregram frilly state the problem, and that income for the first 36 weeks r......u.,qp...l,,..,l._....  gram  of the use of the pot- was David Sn-dth, secretary of comrol will not be started on of 1971 was $52,125,000, or son 1080. the Montana Wool Growers As- public lands unless it is also $2.04 per share of common '," -- -- ----------- - ' " HI G e .. SCHOOL , | A position puper by the Fish rayed the sedation. He said he has sur-entire state and had lands, authorized on adjoining privnte stock, an increase of 12 per ATTENTION i ! and Game Departmentoupreda- found that predation  coyotes The BLM will also consult cent over net income of $46,- I AT HOMI IN PAIllME tee control and the use of 1080 i was unveiled at the meeting, time in the Izlatory of the state. Department since It is respon- I APPROV|D  VmT|tUtNS I Ym.  I I   mM lave I  I I w   kn mm I MERI.N SCIIOgL, 214 Gran Ave. But, Mont. i | |m I  ...................................  .......... ! t Cltr .............................  ........ I ........ I R states that the department he- lieves that the control of coy- otes is not needed to maintain established wildlife popula- is worse this year than at any with the state Fish and Game Withholding et the $0,000 by sible for wildlife species. The the commission would jeopard- statement concluded: ize the entire predator control "We almrecgntze thatthese program, he asserted. :amy animals havepoblic value, tions, and that it was to pr 9- such as sport hunfleg, fur trap- tect wlldl!feMtatihet Sever ralherswere smo P, nature photgral and first estabUshed its Policy . tlzw. witnesses and they con- simply being there for people to contributivg to the controlfuL firmed Smith's statement. To see and bear." r iI tlblllll ,Ii_ Ii= ==i=== = mmmmmmmmmmmm m mm m mmmmm m eeele, m .=mm w. w .m.. am.m m .. i.e mmmma,eem mm m l .w I ' TELEVISION SCHEDULE I II I I I -I | WEEKDAYS T MEI b I W,v  ne , l.h, 10 vts :nn C  .qI.T t ClrtgLI ' i "t/orehlp In ly., O. 2 Bews 9:00 3 O Wil CH  LT LAKg CrI..CABT2 l?:lO ; 2,10 I CIdln L h hall q:O CH  OIal ; 3,%8 I T retors 9:he 2 wl Forum OH 13 OL71tTC lO:hO  Cell 0f  tltmt 8 New t DatAng Gat 9:)O 2 Fnt Row Cml" OH 7 Slt, t l,tg ClTY-CIR 1:00 ?,S.10 IFcrt Storm lOt(X) 7 Plb'l It O c.  -Ae, L, l Zd TUESDAY s,oo WLI.It-CLelZ & llt h nt'rt) HOplttl SILIA-CItL. s,-z ,o i..o ,o  u,d FRIDAY !l! " O Life ?o LI B Ironetde 8 'lght rtm 3 s f=l 17 Yt./z It t 6=0 !  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Funnies %00 10 Lucy  | gitahe4 1t.8 =rtsr Reef 3 hs 8 5'0c1k eport 7:30 /Eddtes Failer th itshed ts e .q:f ) / TM Ctmrt Sem 8:10 ]sl0 Aeehi T.V. Funnies lnn It.R Take  en+, Step u =.  ,}o  N.s E '' it ,., ,o Cronktte 7   Ih Lldrll 'rsnah Cf q:00 p.5,10 se 10 Ss 8 Nan And The City Ih 0m'oslty Shop 2 $obb'* Shan 8:' 7 Shirleym Id 9;)O i?.10 Jcme 6:00 I Bew, 1%8 loos I0 Rcntan Nevs 3 Mos O:q 12,%10 Honkem 9:0 h A*uth Or GoSes o:O0 ? News : F4.. W!sal PRTq TD L PD {ND ?g CO qlO Nieht Gslly Joy Qmst v,oo ,b,8 s  z3)x. concert I r. lsd o:o 9:)0 8 ?tft, Show h Tt  md  City 0:76 ll( In ?he Know 0:02) ,slO  7 Flrtn It Out 0)0 [2,,I0 YoU Are Th*.e Pery" son V:tO - 'Ont Row C+,r v Lenoelot Link 'olighh S t3,  The Jsone hi0 3..10 .  stsr v.,z THURSDAY , .1o ".t.s v, r.s. h Dok Cett , TA }]O 1 l,".-onl Mo'te I lh)World Series ,q trtel. B,Ildstend Lttn$t 6:00 2  I Blrvets Dr. Doolittle R I F]tp Iscm  % Jry I Xda-12 I:O 10  kklpncke NK)NDAY ,  . . v..  )ide orZ or Sorte )O  Pertrid mtly  The Bl'edy 8mwh 1:(30 i ? Wide Woeld Of Sports Beaatll 10 .nk Pent hz" ; T ee ?onfght l tie ! 10 Bufe.oe -':: 12 mmokll 7,0 ,f' tl0 . Wlsaed  iusb.i  I , 16)gCkA Rol l ::":::. tie !,5,10 Iub-ln  Movie 2:10 q te Week Yn I-o. :.)if!;.;:. Foothell Its I A Dml h A I ith Jerome tO I Jetm ! TOO t   7 BU t ltf) 10 O.t rld t Uwted lwld 8:CO 3 n tn Sow 8 Inlc Phmt, I L$,I 0  h t- h:sO 5,10 14is t  sh 7 tts Wek Iv let, Oeltm 683,000, or $1.8, in the com- parable period of 1970. During the 36 week period, Safeway opened 77 new stores, and closed 93, including 15drug eemers which were sold. The c0mpa operated a total of 2,275 stores as of Sept. 11, compared to 2,303 on Jan. 2, 1971, and 2,286 a year ago. Absolutely No Hunting on the A  Rand of Enid in Richland and Dawson Fritz Rehbein Oct. 13 through Oct. 27 TIME } CHAN ]PROGRAMS 3 b 8 2 ) h 510 2 3,8 3 5,10 3 q,lO 8 h ,1o 2.10 , I0 8 b 8 10 h lO h !o R 10 O]e Cqb11 Adm-l 6)Death Yeller Days did couple  lk Kll In The Family Ouod Zdre 16)Tim Gity That ktta To D lnny Fese Buld Ones ttt Toethe Disk Van Dyke Movie O? Tt kmd Issto Ispoeslbls early Ni kt The Novie nws Pmmd C.eol  eta tlItltz Plelyld Ttre Ce Fom- s mtam N Nuhville Mas Saturdsy nite s the N Of Tt Ge All In The Flly AC Weekend N.m Persptl Nee Diok Catt Consulatton nel 1., Nest her "S 2 t h 10 ? h 8 10 2 h,8, h,8 ]0 2 h 5,10 SUNDAY Tomorrow RelIKious Town Hall 5ct=nc In Ag'ri. Tom , Jerry Oral Roberts Oeovte 3oolies ReViVal Fir e. %ed at Neluctant Dragon Chlllenge Of Truth A berd 5boy Look U Yz Liw I1 ble Answers re GoS The Double Dcks Camera Tn'e Ka+ bryn Kuhlmn Fac. ?t sion Notre Dsms root:ell ke A 4ih Raoe The :sAlon ]_0:0(3 10:]0 1100 h 11:0 2 12:oO 5 2 h 8 12:)O $ 1:00 5 2:00 h 10 t)O h 2 :oo 8 ),:3n f J!ME) 8 k A Wish 2 ?him In The an h  Oel Rohers . F,ald Of Yeuth 8 I'tth For ody 10 IHereld Of h et ?he Pe,,ma ?Is Is . tfe Fece T eaton R rald of luth 10 NFL Today 2 SPed Ileort I Reettm 11 I'SA INt 11 Peens insight ootba/1 lle l%otl) '71 l?)Viktrtn m, Peker ]r Frlly Time:re News I%este 18.10 :10 [3,,8 .10 7t r 3,8 b 7:30 5,10 8: 3 h 8 8: ,1o 8 9:h 2 9:0 5,10 10* l, 1:)0 10 2: 10 Enjoy the finest home entertainme;d inexpensive waY. by purchasing Cable TV :,may ! For.Details and Service call" Community TV, In' 208 2nd Ave. S. E.