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October 2, 2019     Sidney Herald
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October 2, 2019

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‘3? ‘ ' p M _V ‘ THREVENT“ was is "I'HRWENT? - . ; ,_ a WWW, Fififilflifiw . . ; I V, a Thrivent is a We help And live The result N membership members he . generously. is stronger WWW‘ETH‘SPHERE'CDM m We 3 organization of wise with members, A SW at m Financial? . . V ~- Thrwenr tournament-rot? Chnstms‘ ‘5 E3 :gg‘mifiifigg' noncommercial; 105%? Ave: 00mm” Willow's Sidney; sears W 5m 2 Institute 20152“2Qi1l‘3i Contact us today to discover how we can help you. “Wade’s Most Ethic/at Conmanles” anti “'Ethlspbere" names and marks are reglstered trademarks of: Ethlsphese lLLC'. details, visit Ethi'spherenmnc Thriventcom ‘ . Financial: assoc were: Z skills laborlfome has, and the skills local employers are looking for. Later on Samantha Boshoff is ' e . . . Caysi Johnson IS in h r second year In her first year servmg I serving with ArneriCorps in Sidney. Why malty-6“ decide on Communi_ Sidney. during my service, the plan is to create I ties in Action Corps? Why did you decide on a comprehensive job training program . After serving for a term with Com- gomfiunifies in Acm’n —- th-Iat :fidresses my m . . orps _ g r ‘, s ereanopp tyor egen~_ *mumnes m Actlon last year’ I felt that AmeriCorps is a well- eral public to be involved with your ' r I wanted to continue being involved in ' r the Richland county community and ProjectS? known service organie . The success of my projects will rely zation at my school, and s,_, -figfif‘ifiginfefie;igfltgfifigfiifivflf‘l CAYSI many students end up “BOSHOF‘F heavily community participation. The ‘ hoped that Ikcould attempt to do the same JOHNSON doing a year of service -‘ best thing the general public can do at for another year. ‘ v What are your goals for your time in Sidney? What are your top three “bucket list” items for things to do while your in the area? I hope to recruit more community volunteers for Chamber eVents as well as community events in gener- al. As far as personalgoals, I would love to go a brand- ing but I can’t guarantee I will be any help. I’d also like to explorevmore of northeast Montana. And lastly, I’d like to go tola hockey game. What: projects will you be working on? At the Chamber, I will'be working on mostly promot- ing chamber events, Volunteer recruitment and man- agement, and a,wayfinding project that would get more , directing populate rot" e major points of the city. L ‘ signage... ,. 'I!’1l"be,retur“ ing to _: in Bachelor’s degree._ ,, : a. 'aboatfyour .Christmasimusic makes me happy and I listen ‘ to“: it wheneverl'neédfa pick me up or I start feeling homesick. many events year round that look nvolvement, whether that be in volun- " ' ion byllooal businesses. for after your service is I, home~State, Indiana, and I f hope to],_sta'rt . career inéniarketing and advertising. ah beenyour- greatest achievement? _. . greatest achievement has been graduating \ g cm college.i’l’here were timeswhen I didn’t know if I could ,make-‘itthrdugh, but thrOugh perseverance and support and family, I graduated withmy ‘Iisitheresomething you want people to know floundering ambiance learnedmhsolmhmatmols ,lsomlathingltolear after they graduate. Like many of my academic colleagues, I knew I wanted to give back to aeommunity. Of all the AmeriCorps programs I looked into, Communities-in-Action gave me the best opportunity. to not-only build my re- sume, but also make a tangible long-last— ing difference in a community. . What are your goals for your time in Sidney? What are‘you‘rtop three- “bucket list” items for. things to do while you’re in the-area? ‘ .. ; I hope this year bring me both pro- fessional and perSOnalv-‘growthr I grew up as a military; kid. :30. =1. have moved hé‘t’thln‘ . , r community. That said,“my*biggest goal for my time here is to learn from; Sidney, taking advantage ofall the-life lessons"; this city and culture'hastogteaoh meon' . a less serious note, I’m'looklng forward , to exploringgthe local-scenery. such-as ; the badlands.-I lOve tonne, some army ‘ sible before I leave. - rWhat projects will on? “ . Throughout this year I. will be so ing wit, Richland ,County Housing Aut ._ yimain prOject will focus goals is to hit as- many State parks as pose on‘.en?pb‘hering;_the locallaborfdr‘Ce. rm currently planning a few focus groups to assess what barriers to entrysthere- are for locals entering the work force, the you be thispoint is look out for opportunities to join my focus groups that way their voice can be heard! Later on during the yearul -, am hoping to be able to address the con- cerns that come up with my initial as~ sessments, and I am sure that there will be opportunities to get involved at that point as well. , What are your plans for after your service is complete? . . After completing my service in Sidney, imyplan isto serve with the PeaceCorps. Long term, however, my plan is to begin working in Washington, DC. I want to . work either ass lobbyist or inlegisla- 3°88. lit ‘ r d my number? one priority is» making Our nation a better place for all people to live. What has been your, greatest achievement? ; , r “ _~'_‘_It’s__ hard for me to pinpoint what-"my; , ;- greatest achievement is: I have accumeq f .pliSheda lot more in my life than lance? ' thought was possible. However, if ‘I have ‘3 ,- . to 'ChOOSejone achievement, {it is graduat-s 3i’ng‘from, the University of Washington ' 'It-Wasa tiniest personal: grow , , I * v tilnethere forced'meéto n jev erything is'going to 80 as plasmas that it’s, okay for my life goals to change. I Powered through moments of Wanting to give up, and my accomplishments as a student led me to being able who here in r ifSidney today. ’ ‘ ASK A MONDAK MASTER GARDENER A Hail Mary for tomatoes, maybe Ihebooknook ,"Full Throttle: Stories” job, made better by the elderly Circus of the Dead”, her eyes by Joe Hill patrons who came to get books, rolled hard when her father BY RENEE JEAN Myuntldyplasticbyoomparlsonlooks . only in “Late Returns,” some of decided to stop at some stu- a bit aazy. I put heavy rocks and logsat c.2019, William Morrow $27.99 them got more than just reading pid side-of-the-road circus. intervals aroundthe contraption tohold $34.99 Canada pages \ l material. #DumbestThingInTheWorld. Fromadlstancemygardenlooksablt the plastic down,then covered everyex— The pedal’s to the metal and When the onboard movie went In his introduction, author Joe strange right now.That’s not just because posed edge with dirt to keep the wind you’re in a hurry. black, Gregg Holder, who’d been Hill does something charm- a cold snap has laid over the parsley, the from filling the plasficand shifting things You need to get somewhere ' ing: he gives major kudos , sunflowers, the cosmos, and other things aroundtoo much. fast, somewhere nobody’s ever to his parents, as parents justa bit So far so good, however, makeshift or been before —~ for you need to and as writers. This gives It looks strange because Friday night, notlcanseecondensatlononthelnside, get away from fans some great stories, in anticipation of a potenth freeze-up. I which suggests warmer, moist air is hit- there. The en- and it offers readers in- fastened two large sheets of thick, clear- tingtheplastlcsldes,whlchiscooldueb gine’s roaring , sight from where Hill’s lsh plastic over my tardy tomatoes, one outsidetempelaturesAsthewatervapor to rush you‘ novels spring, as you’ll vertically and the other horizontally. I’m sinks from its high-energy state into across town or : see when you read it. hoping this makeshift hut givesmygreen wateca lowerene‘rgystate, heatlsbelng across time. Similar to his mother’s beauties a little bit more time. Even a releasedlnsidemylittletomatohut W at c h t h e talent, the thirteen short slight blush would be enoughth can The dirt itself is also a nice themlal road. Beware stories Hill presents here shepherdafewto ripeness indoors. sink It will have retained some heat that of sharp curves and drive safe- ly; in the new b o o k F u l 1 Throttle: Sto- ries” by Joel-1111, hard-braking tires scream... and so will you. - Race was far ahead of the pack — so far ahead that his father, Vince, could barely see him on his Harley a half-mile up-front. But that was just Race, and Vince still loved him, still won- dered what went wrong to make Race a killer. Vince watched as his son let a girl got hacked to death, right in front of their whole biker group, and the kid was insisting on more revenge. But in “Throttle” (written with Stephen King), exactly whose re- venge would it be? John never planned on becom- ing a librarian, it just happened: after his parents died in a mur- der/ suicide, he found a very overdue book that his mother had borrowed and when he re- turned it, one thing led‘to anoth- er and he ended up working in “the Bookmobile. It was a decent l . JOE HILL watching the fa- mous woman sitting next to him, took note. He also noticed the shake in the pilot’s voice, as pas- sengers were informed that they were landing in Fargo soon, di- verted due to DPRK missiles. But in “You Are Released,” going to Fargo isn’t far enough... @TYMEZWASTE was Tweet- ing her vacation, bored with everything, fighting with her mother, wishing she was home. Ugh. In “Twittering from the ooze with a psycholog- ical tautness that goes unnoticed until you re- alize that your finger- nails are embedded in the arms of your chair and you’re holding your breath. It’s like hear- ing a chainsaw outside A your house, and some- how knowing that it’s meant for you. As does his father, Hill puts characters in situations that are distastefully disgust-y ing and unimaginably frightening — a dead animal near a lake, a madman down the hall in your bedroom but in Hill’s case, they’re exquisitely possible. There’s no revived-cats-in-the- cemetery here, no clowns-in—the- sewer; instead, there are things that, if you squint, really could lurk "outside your window right now. . But don’t‘look. Instead, grab the keys, run, and get «“Full‘ Throttle” in your hands. Take a . breakandgetreadytoscream. V lfnot, I suppose I’ll be making a lot of sabaverdethbyeacinsteadofthesalsal dreamed about when I first planted these on May 31. Theplastichulisallttletridcl'vebeen thinking about a lot in North Dakota, thanks to research being done at Willis- ton Research Extension Center by Kyla Spllchal.Shehas putupahoophouseto test season extension, and her results are amazing. She’s getting produce much earlier in the season and much later, too. In 2016, she reported tomatoes and peppers still going strong in the high tunnel in Octo ber. She thought they might even make it to November. Frost had meanwhile already stopped all production in the companionbeds outside the hoophouse a couple of weeks before, demonstrating the substantlal season'extenslon possible with a hoop house. Of course, Spllchal's hoop house is a lot nicer than my makesth plastic hut Hers is a double-walled plastic struc- ture on a steel frame, with rollup sides. -lmpervlous~towindgustslt'ssetpenna— nently in place, however, making venti- latlonkeyltwillgettoohotlnthehoop house too quiddy in spring, and humidity will also tend to build up disease pres- sures culddv. wlll radiate out, hopefully keeping my subtropical green babies toasty Tomatoes don’t love temperatures below 55 degrees. In fact, anything below 50 all but halts ripening. And anything below 60 can cause cat-facing, which are puckels‘and scars on the blos- som end of the flult. Knowing that, l have actually been thinking about putting up this plastic hut before now.We'vehadcoolerthan aver- agetemperatures leading up to now, and there were several nights of tempera- tureswell belowideal Seeing howwellthlsisworldngsofar, perhaps I’ll be quicker to put up plastic next year. And maybe I’ll even start my tomatoes out undersome plasticsolcan get them going sooner. In the meantime. all can do is wait things out, to see if my hut was good enough to get thetomatoes tome blush side . If not, I’m already googling for salsa And I'd love to hear about your favor— itegreen tomab recipes aswell-Youcan post them online at my page. Grow With Meoremailthemtomeatnjeangflllls- tonheraldcom Myphonenmnberlsozo- 64059991 fortllosewhodon't Facebook.