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October 2, 2019     Sidney Herald
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October 2, 2019

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SIDNEY HERALD.WEDNESDAY. OCT. 2, 20 I 9 A5 SPORTS Our outdoors: Mentoring memories nvmcksiiiouson As a hunter who started on his own rat the age of I was non-traditional to say the least, and my trip up the learning curve was about ten years behind those young people around me in my hunter’s education class that summer. In the process though, _I was mentored by a number of people — close friends, mem- bers of my local wild- life club, and extended family— who took the time to take me into he field, and for their elp I remain thankful. heir encouragement, ‘nsight and pointers n not just the shot and he retrieve but on all f the aspects leading p to it like watching he dog, targeting cer- tain habitats and areas fer more success, and just enjoying the time outdoors were key in helping me through my early years and de- rveloping a passion for .upland hunting. That iin turn developed in me a drive to pass it on so others need not wait until after their teens to experience the :excitement. 'A special weekend Around 2006, my native North Dakota opened its first youth pheasant hunting weekend, held the Sat- urday and Sunday be- fore the general pheas- ant opener. It is a new tradition which con- tinues this weekend, where licensed hunters age 12 to 15 can enter the field a week early with an adult (who is not carrying a firearm) and get the first shot at pheasants. Designed to recruit and retain more hunters, the spe- cial hunt gives kids a crack at a flushing rooster without having to worry about any- one else blasting away, making each day their own. . Back then, my now retired 15-year-old lab was a fresh and hard— charging two-year-old and ready for another season. I recruited the two sons of a reception- ist across the hall from where I worked for Saturday’s hunt, and then tapped a buddy to grab his younger cousin along with my godson for the Sunday morning outing. Birds were plentiful in that era, even just a few miles south of Valley City, and the expanse of :CRP acres at the time seemed to connect every stretch of PLOTS WEEKDAYS ARLYN DEBRUYCKERE A young participant holds up on a startling hen which flushed from the thick grass in front of him. Simonson Photo. / A you Justin & Josh Magnusson then of Valley City, with three Barnes County, ND. roosters taken on one of the state's first youth pheasant hunting weekends. Simonson Photo. and unposted land with those places we had permission for in what seemed for miles of contiguous hunting. It was an easy 10-min- ute haul to a few choice areas of grass, and the weather was perfect for both days. All four boys bagged birds, and we ended the weekend with nine roosters, but more importantly, those kids continued hunting well after that adventure. ~ The big event Starting in 2012, I helped coordinate my local Pheasants For- ever chapter’s mentor hunt in Lyon County Minnesota. Based out of the trap club where I also served as-Vice SATURDAY President, I coordinat- ed the assembly of 1,000 acres of private land, in parcels immediate- ly adjacent to a five mile stretch of various Wildlife Management Areas that reached from US. Highway 59 south of town all the way to the back door of the clubhouse. Occurring the weekend after the state’s general opener, the event was a produc- tion but always worth the work and the sacri- fice of a day of hunting from so many adults, as the shared reward was bringing 20 new hunters or so into the fold with our strong staff of volunteers who would turn out to put on the event. Wyatt Martin of Marshall, Minn. smiles with a rooster taken as part of the Lyon County Pheasants Forever KASASA We pay you to bank here! ’"‘\ mentor hunt in 2015. Simonson Photo. It was a two-month lead to gather up new and regular mentors and volunteers from our chapter’s ranks and those from the Twin Cities who would bring a crop of novic- es from the east. We’d scout out the parcels and do drives along the gravel roads to check for birds ahead of the regular season’s start and converse with the generous landowners to find out what they were seeing. We did our very best to keep the ratio of hunters to mentors at two-to-one so that the experience and the advice could be personal. The morning hunts around the trap club culminated in what we called “the big walk” where those who were interested would go up and then come back through the 100 acres of private grass behind the clubhouse. Needless to say, some young hunters were exhausted, having not experienced a real, wild-bird walking hunt before, and I’d often come back to the club to find some of them sprawled out on the green fabric couches in the meeting area, pant- ing and sweating from their morning hike. I’d announce the next segment of the event, and some would barely move as I invited them along for the big walk, while promising a fan- tastic chance at birds that had been pushed into the area by the previous weekend’s hunters .on the sur- rounding public land, ami throng m s, '- 25$: one year, I as able to get a pair of brothers off the couch and they UNITED SMTES 310 2nd Ave NE, Sidney. MT 59270-4022 a. WWMdewWBdeWHMW) 310 2nd Ave NE. Sidney. MT 59270-4022 Publisher (Name and complete mailing address) Kelly Miller, 310 2nd Ave NE. Sidney, MT 59270—4022 Am Etta, 310 2nd Ave NE, Sldne . MT 59270-4022 me to. Owriertbonotmbimlcliibopubiicarimisownodbyacwpareibngmmnmwdaddressolthacapastion hnmodhbiyiohndb/Mmesmdlmsoldmdrholdmmhgarhoflhg ipareentormouoitho usiwnaniolsiockllnaimndbyacorpombn,givemnamesmdoddnsnolihehdividudowncrsflawnod byapmdiipumunmrpunhdfirm,gmnnmandaddmsumllmtlmolecchindividmlowmrlt thupubicafimcpubfiwedbycmnpofiiawr‘mbngw hum andrddms.) Full Name Complete Malling Address Wick Communications Wilcox Dr Suite 302 — Sim Vista. A2 85250 ii. www.mmmmmormimuwwraummd hna,wnmmuuhermltnom,mbox iZ Has Not Changed [hiring Preceding 12 Months [I Has Changed Durin 19. Publication Title Sidney Herald 15. Extent and Nature of Circulation Periodicalmewspaper a. Total Number of CopbsYNet press run) ................................. ,. Slam-n! oi Ownership. Management, and Circulation POS‘ML SERVICE owl Periodicals Publications Except Requester Publications) 1. Publication Title 2. Publication Number 3- Filing 0318 Sm" “9"” IIHIEN “mg 4. Issue Frequency 5. Number oi lures Brushed Annually 5. Annual Wipfion Price iii-Weekly ‘ $72.80 7. Complete Mailing Address oi Known Olfica of Publication (No! printer) (Skeet, city, county; state, and ZIPwV) Comloto Malll - Add Illlli ill 12. 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The birds in the stretch of grass were thick, and we flushed more than 20 roosters as we made our way up from and back to the club, with every kid in the line getting a shot, and bagging six birds in the short timeframe, including a rooster for one of the exhausted couch brothers. “I sure am glad you convinced me to come on that walk,” I re- call him saying, and I responded that I was happy he came along too, and the memory of that moment has stuck with me ever since and reminded me of the slight convincing my buddy needed to give me in order to get me to take hunter’s education as an older-than-aver- age student and start my adventures in the field. Whether it’s the up- coming weekend’s spe- cial youth pheasant weekend in North Da- kota, or any number of mentor hunts through- out the upper Midwest in the coming month or two, be it for ruffed grouse, waterfowl, deer or other game, now is the time to start mak- ing mentoring memo- ries of your own. With a small group of close friends and neighbor- hood kids, or as part of a bigger event, provid- ing a mentored hunt and sharing what you know and have learned is perhaps the best way to thank all of those who invested in us and help carry on the hunt- ing tradition with the next our outdoors. 00 r: Person Ke Miller Magma Include area code) 4 ~43(3»2403 EINone t4.lssusDenhrC'ruiiaimmaBeb« 10/2/2019 3' i Mini-tinglin- 2127 7:00AM - 6:30PM 9AM — lZPM WWPMWMmPSqu minmmummmmmms producpilsmdxicmlwpin) (2) WWMSWw-Sundmflmmi (WWMMWMMMMW'S Marian-damsel”) is) mmmummmmmp mmmuwvmcmm 487 420 mommmmwm‘ (i) MD’stiibuimb/ uduesoilfllhrnwiiintlst’s (animals: ' —c Total Paid Distribution [Sum 01 15b (1), (2), (3). and (0] (1) FrasorNorniral MWntyOopiuindeedon PS Form 3541 (2) Free or Nun'ml Rain ln-County Cam lndudod on PS ‘Ji A g 3 iii an to a”) Richland 406482-2704 a 406,7876890 FEDERAL carom UNtON 3 $82”: lelour AIM WWWJidllilililltlem 0 Sidmy, MI 8. Culbertson, MI E WOMEN, INFANTS 8. 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