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September 14, 2003     Sidney Herald
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September 14, 2003

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6B Sunday, September 14, 2003 'ms Spacious two bed- Custom Graphics, Kalberer's Heating, Small World Daycare NOTICE NOTICE Horizontal Terminus (2): 660' NOTICE FNL & 900' FEL, Sac. 2-23N- BEFORETNE BOARD OF OIL room apartment, AC, custom vinyl, computer , Inc. has top quality & Pre-School ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS .BEFORETHE BOARDOF OIL 54E. heat furnished, carpet- cut, banners, posters, equipment, plus serv- Infants to 12 years old. ROTUNDA RENOVATION AND GAS CONSERVATION County: Richland AND GAS CONSERVATION ed, numerous kitchenwindow, vehicle pinice, for an affordable 623 N Central, Sidney, I~tQTJ£.~~: OF THE STATE OF 3. Proposed Totat Depth: OF'rHE STATE OF Sealed bids will be accepted by MONTANA (1) 9,996' TVD. 14,758' MD. MONTANA cabinets, car plug-in, striping and lettering, pricer Stop by 218 3rd MT. Monday-Friday the board of Commissioners, NOTmE OF INTENTION TO(2) 10,033'TVD, 14,128' MD. In the matter of the application laundry facility, water Rau Designs, 205 2nd Street NE, Sidney or 6am-6pm. Preschool, 2 Richland County, Montana, Sid. APPLY FOR PERMIT TONotice is hereby given that an of Whiting Petroleum Corpora- softeners, Section 8 ap- Ave. NE, Sidney,MT, call 406-433-2630 fordays a week, snacks nay, Montana in the Cornels- DRILL AN OIL AND GAS application for permit to ddll an tion for Permits to Drill an oil sioner's office at 201 West WELL oil and gas well at the surface and gas wells. proved. Call 1-800-488- 406-433-1577. more details, and meals included inMain, Sidney, Montana, unti~ In the Matter of the Application location set forth above to the NOTICE OF INTENTION TO 8949, pin8809. ~-~ ~ ~ K----~~& S---~~ rate, before and after September 30, 2003 at 1:00 of CONTINENTAL RESOUR- depth as stated will be filed with APPLY FOR PERMITS TO school care,fullyli-p,m. for the construction of No- CES, INC. for e Permit to Drill a the Montana Board of Oil and DRILLOIL AND GAS WELL, i~j.~j ,dl~ "] tunda Renovation, Richland horizontal oil and gas well. Gas Conservation. Pursuant to 1. Name and address of Appli- Repair has septic tank Metal offers heating, air censed. Call Connie at County Court,use. Sidney, 1. Nlu~e and AddNml ot Ap- Rules 36.22.601and cant: Whiting Petroleum Cor- Al pumping, portable toi- conditioning and sheet 406-488-7337 for more Montana. All bids will be public- pllcerd: Continental Resour- 36.22.604, Administrative Rules i~'ation, 1700 Broadway, lets (heated and handi- metal service. Call 406- information. EOE ly opened and read aloud at cos, Inc., P.O. BOX 1032, Enid, of Montana, an interested party Suite 2300, Denver, CO 80290 ~ cap accessible units482-3327. mistime. Oklahome 73702, 580-233- may demand an opportunity to 2. Legal Description and Ap- available), and com- STATE AND FEDERAL STAT- B955, fax 580-548-5293. ~r~,I U TE,~: Each bid- 2. Well Name and Legal De- of Oil end Gas Conservation Location of Proposed Oil and I'~ plete plumbing services ~ ~ be heard by the Montana Board proximate Footagas of Surface EZ Computers: Cus- dor will comply with all fair labor scrlptlon: Helen 1-19H concerning tha application. Gas Well: in Sidney. Serving the ice, Alan Sims, MA, tom built computers, practices and state statutes. Surface Hole Location: 300' SUCH DEMAND FOR HEAR-660' FSL & 300' FEL Section 36, T27N-R54E. Richland Clean, well mainlined/ area since 1971. CallCCC/A, Sidney Clinic,service, repairs, office dstion~r='Q:or additionaIRequest informationacc°mm°" 25N-55E.FNL & 900' F-'~/L of Sac. 19- ING MUST BE RECEIVED BY County, Montana. 406-433-3869. Call 406-488-2184 fornetworRing. On-location from the Clerk & Recorder, Honzontal Intercept (1): 82' 3. Total Depth Proposed to be appointment, service calls, A+& Net- 406-433-1706 (voice) or 406- FSL & 900' I~NL, Sac. 18-25N- drilled: 1t,910'MD Rules I THE MONTANA BOARD OF :2 bedroom units, off- I. OIL AND GAS CONSERVA- ! TION AT THE ADDRESS SET I street parking, coinFrontier Heating, Re- tamber 29, 2003. Alternative Horizontal Terminus (1): 660' ~10) DAYS AFTER THE DATE application for permit to drill an operated laundry, air frigeration and Air- Lou's Import Auto working + Certified 433-3731 (fax), by noon Sap- 55E. FORTH NO LATER THAN TEN Notice is hereby given that an Conditioning offersService, free pickup Technician. Earl E. Si- accessible formats of this no- FNL & 900' FWL, Sec. 18-25N- OF PUBLICATION OF THIS oil and gas well at the surface conditioning, outdoor sales, service and in- and delivery. Call 406- gaard, Culbertson, MTtics are available upon request. 55E. NOTICE, OR THE APPLICA- location set forth above to the depth as stated will be filed with be accompanied by Bid Securi. FNL & 900' F3NL, Sac. 19-25N- BY THE BOARD'S PETROLE- the Montana Board of Oil and winter hookups, Call stallation. Call 406-488- 480-5687 (LOUS). Call 866-787-6699, ~=~=._C.LUJ~: Each bid will Horizontal intercept (2): 742' TION WILL BE ACTED UPON 482-7005 for an 4657 or fax 406-488- ~ ty in the amount of not less 55E. UM ENGINEER WITHOUT Gas Conservation. Pursuant to 8057. Service. Roustabout, ~ than TEN PERCENT (10%) of Horizontal Terminus (2): 660' HEARING. A DEMAND MUST: Rules 36.22.601 end 38.22.604. Administrative Rules 55E. ADDRESS AND TELEPHONEof Montana, an interested party appointment today! ~ Cranes, Rig-Up Tan- laxation Massages: thelotal amount of the bid. FSL & 900' FWL, Sac. 19-25N- (1) SET FORTH THE NAME, Service, licensed, free dam, Industrial SteamStacey Krumwiede, M/~T~ Successful County: Richland NUMBER OF EACH INTER-may demand en opportunity to bidders shall, upon signature of 3. Proposed Total Depth: ESTED PARTY, THEIR OWNo be heard by the Montana Board estimates, reasonableCleaners, Trucking,certified massage the contract, furnish an ap- (1)9,744' TVD, 14,529' MD. ERSHIP INTEREST IN THE of Oil and Gas Conservation tieD.corn rates. Call Kathyor Water Trucks. Call therapist with Bache-proved Performance Bond, and (2) 9,744' "rVD, 13,877' MD. LANDS SURROUNDING THEconcerning the application. Terry in Fairviewat 482-4927 in Sidney orIors in Athletic Training, Bond,Lab°r each & Materielin the amountPaymentof applicationN°tice is herebYfor permitgivento thatdrill anan REASoNsPROPOSEDwHyWELL'THEANDHEAR-THE SUCHING MUSTDEMANDBE RECEIvEDFOR HEAR-By 406-742-3326. 778-3221 in Baker. available by appoint- ONE HUNDRED PERCENT oil and gas well at the surface ING IS SOUGHT; (2) BE THE MONTANA BOARD OF ment at Healthworks, (100%) of the contract location set forth above to the SERVED UPON THE APPLI-OIL AND GAS CONSERVA- ScentB: ~Fam~lnic, 216 14th Ave. SW, Sid- £:&~l~: depth as stated will be filed with CANT BY COPY MAILED ORTION AT THE ADDRESS SET Drawings and Specifications, the Montana Board of Oil and FAX TRANSMITTED TO THEFORTH BELOW NO LATER THAN TEN (10) DAYS AFTER B & J Heating, Air fragranced furniture family practice care ney, 406-488-4631. including Bidding Documents Gas Conservation. Pursuant to ADDRESS SET FORTH THE DATE OF PUBLICATION • Conditioning & Refrig- conditioner now in clinic, 304 S. Ellery, and Conditions of the Agree- Rules 36.22.601 andABOVE. eration offers sales,stock I Finnicum's Fur- Fairview. Walk-ins wel- ~ merit, may be examined at the 36.22.604, Administrative Rules Montane Board of Oil and Gas OF THIS NOTICE, OR THE service and repair. 25 niture, 1051 S. Central, come. Call 406-742- ties.corn office of the Architect, Staven- of Montana, an interested party Conservation, 2535 St. John's APPLICATION WILL BE ACT- son Design, 909 Main Street, may demand an opportunity to Avenue, Billings, Montana ED UPON BY THE BOARD'S PETROLEUM ENGINEER years experience. Sid- Sidney. 406-433-5373.5261. ~ Miles City, MT 59301, phone be heard by the Montana Board 59102, FAX Number: (406) WITHOUT HEARING. A DE- nay, MT. Call 406-482- ~ ~ practic Clinic - Treat- 406-234-0777. A refundable of Oil and Gas Conservation 655-6015. deposit of $100 is required for concerning the application. (Publish September 14, 2003) MAND MUST: (1) SET FORTH merits of sports and each plan sel. SUCH DEMAND FOR HEAR- THE NAME, ADDRESS ANDIN~ 4744. prints Christian Pre-ance Company.. Afford- work related injuries. : No ING MUST BE RECEIVED BY school, Nichole Rohner able property & casual- Open Monday through Bidder may withdraw his bid for THE MONTANA BOARD OF ~ EAcHTELEPHONEINTERESTEDNUMBERpARTy.OF ~Sn at least THIRTy (30) days after OIL AND GAS CONSERVA-FIRST PUBUC THEIR OWNERSHIP INTER- ~:~, Cleanlng-Commemiat, & Robin Urlacher. Callty coverage. Call 406- Friday, 8 a.m.-6p.m. Dr. the scheduled time for receipt TION AT THE ADDRESS SET HEARING NOTICE EST IN THE LANDS SUR- residential, reasonable 488-4543 or 798-3498. 488-4898. Ryan Laqua, Chiro- of bids, except as noted in the FORTH NO LATER THAN TEN The Richland County Housing ROUNDING THE PROPOSED rates. We do high win- ~ ~ practic Physician, 222 Instructions to Bidders. (10) DAYS AFTER THE DATE Authority will hold a public hear- WELL AND THE REASONS R~t~[T~~d~ The OF PUBLICATION OF THIS ing on Monday, September 22, WHY A HEARING IS SOUGHT; dows. Call today, 406- & Blade Sharpening eration, major appli-2nd Ave. SW, Sidney, Owner reserves the right to re- NOTICE, OR THE APPLICA- 2003 at 6:30 p.m., in Richland (2) BE SERVED UPON THE 377-8448, Glendive. Service. For all your ance repair of all 406-433-4757, toll free isct any or all bids, to waive in- TION WILL BE ACTED UPON County's Public Library, Sidney, APPLICANT BY COPY formalities, to evaluate the bids BY THE BOARD'S PETROLE- Montana for the purpose of oh- MAILED OR FAX TRANSMIT- ----.." lock needs call Greg at makes and models. We 1-866-433-4757. submitted and to accept the UM ENGINEER WITHOUT taining public comments re- TED TO THE ADDRESS SET THE Cash 'ttl pay day, de- 406-488-6290 or 406- have used appliances ~ proposal which best suits the HEARING. A DEMAND MUST: garding the County's overall FORTH ABOVE. SEN[ interests of the Owner. (1) SET FORTH THE NAME, community development, public MONTANA BOARD OF OIL ABO~ layed check cashing in- 489-2003. for sale and corn/pellet 3-year-old program, ~ Order of Richland County ADDRESS AND TELEPHONEfacilities, economic develop- AND GAS CONSERVATION.ENT: stant cash. 108 S. ~ stoves. Stop by the Pre K (4 & 5 yr. olds) Commissioners. NUMBER OF EACH INTER- ment and housing needs, in- 2535 St. Johns Avenue ~1~ Central, Sidney, MT ~Trc=~o ~t Hm~) shop at 2000 West Hol- AM and PM classes. (Publish September 17 & 23, ESTED PARTY, THEIR OWN- cluding the needs of low and Billings, Montana 59102 2003) ERSHIP INTEREST IN THEmoderate income parsons. The Fax# (406) 655-6015 59270, 433-2274 ly, acrOss from the fair- Call 406-488-1973. LANDS SURROUNDING THE Richland County Commission- (Publish September 14, 2003) ~etl (cash) visit our website G Iq rldin c~l grounds or call 406- PROPOSED WELL, AND THE era will also seek the views of atwww.cashmontanB. (bv~.r~ p II . p ING IS SOUGHT; (2) BEshould be undertaken to rdeet BEFORE THE BOARD OF OIL youl corn !~ti~,~ II ~ iii:':ii!i!?;!~;ii~!il;T i h::::::::.::::::::::: ~ SERVED UPON THE APPLI-the identified needs and their AND ~AS CONSERVATION ~t~ C~;~ .......... CANT BY COPY MAILED ORreletNe priority. The County OF TI4E STATE l~iE .~.l,'h}~,}~ | gins Repair- Will do (SHONTFORM) ADDRESS SET FORTH funding to deal with local hous- NO'rlCEOPINTIENIIONTOetve REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FAX TRANSMITTED TO THEmay apply for state or federal MONTANA sen method - low force, _F~!,~ ! i~!,~l,d!!~ lawn mower, chainsaw, REQUEST FOR OUALIFICA- The Town of Rtchay has been ABOVE. ing, public facilities or other ca, very gentle yet very el- APPLY FOR PERMIT TO fective. Also deep tis- snowblowers and wee- TIONS awarded a federal Community Montana Board of Oil and Gas community needs and would DRILL AN OIL AND GASlu~ The Richland county Economic Development elock Grant Conservation, 2535 St. John's like comments or suggestionsWELL en sue fascia release ther- ~ deater engines. Call Development Corporation of (CDBG) in the amount of Avenue, Billings, Montana from local citizens regarding the In the Matter of the Application apy. Call Dr. Patte Red- liners specializes in406-488-8141. Sidney, Montana has been $212,000, by the Montana De- 59102, FAX Number: (406) County's needs and the type of of CONTINENTAL RESOUR- awarded $11,000 bythe Monta° partment Commerce (DOC) for 655-6015. projects which should be con- CES, iNC. tor aPermitloDrilla mond or Dr. Robert fencing, trenching, pit ~ na Department o1 Commeme's wastewatar improvements. (Publish September 14, 2003) sidered. Comments may be giv- horizontal oil and gas well. Garner at 406-433- liners and tree mulch. PAIN (7246). Call 406-798-3655 or line quilt shop offers Community Block Grant Pro- Contingent upon this award, the ~ en orally at the haering or sub- 1. Name and Address of /q=- gram. The grant is to prepare a Town Council is requesting pro- milled in writing before 6:30 pllr~mt: Continental Rssour- 406-489-0060. fabric, thread, books, design and cost analysis for the posela for engineering services BEFORE THE BOARD OF OIL p.m. on September 2.2. 2003. cee, thc., P.O. BOX 1032, Enid, patterns, notions and Downtown Image Enhance- to assist the govemin~l body in AND GAB CONSERVATION Anyone who would like mere in- Oklahome 73702, 580-233- ~ classes. Bemina & five-block design proposal will construction of this project to MONTANA submit =mggo~¢~ should con- 2. Well Name and ~ De- custom homes, addi- ment of Sidney, Montana. The designing and supervising the OF THE STATE OF formation or who would like to 8955, fax 580-548-5293. tions, patios, pole Rural, residential and Pfaff Sewing machinesaddress proposed changes to assist the Town of Richey in the NOTICE OF INTENTION TO tact Mark Rehl~in, County =¢dptlo~: T~ 1-10H barns, cement, storage commercial building, and custom machine the sidewalks, curbs and light- administration of this project in APPLY FOR PERMIT TO Commi~doner, 406-433-6803. Surface Hole Location: 300' sheds, painting, re-roof- Specializing in metal & quilting. Open 10 a.m. ing. For a copy of the Request compliance with all applicable DRILL AN OIL AND C~.S Auxiliary aid for the heshng and FSL & 900' FEL of Sac, 10- for Qualifications please con- requirements under the Monta- WELL visually impaled is available 23N-54E. ing, dry wall, trailer asphalt roofing.Call to 5:30 p.m. or by ap- tact: Richlend Economic Devel- na CDBG Program. In the Matter of the Application upon advance request. Anyone Horizontal Intemept (1): 82' home service & repair, 406-488-3044. pointment 406-482- opment, 406-482-4679. The Copies of the detailed request of CONTINENTAL RESOUR- with special needs may contact FNL & 900' FEL, Ssc. 15-23N- taping° Bnd texturing. ~ 3366. Located 2 milesRequest for Qualifications must for proposals (RFP), includinga CES, INC, for a Permit to Drill a Grant Service Center's office at 54E. be received by 5:00 p.m. Mon- description of the services lobe horizontal oil end gas well. 701:/74-3310 or use the Mon- Horizontal Terminus (1): 660' north of Sidney on day, September 22, 2003 and provided by respondents, the 1. Name and Address of A4~- taoa Relay System 1-800-253- FSL & 900' FEL, Sac. 15-23N- Call 406-488-1399 or ground sprinkler, free Highway 200, 3/4 mileshall be addressed to: Image minimum content of responses, plloant: Continental Reeour. 4091 for accommodations. 54E fax 406-488-1400. estimates, five year Enhancement Task Fome, and the factors 1o be used to ces, Inc., P.O. BOX 1032, Enid, (Publish September 14, 2003) Richiand Economic Develop- evaluate the responses, can be Oklshome73702,580-233- FSL & 900' FEL, Sac. 10-23N- warranty. Call Lee and east on County Road Horizontal Intercept (2): 742' 127, 1/2 mile south on ment, 1060SCentralAve.,Sid- obtained by contacting Teresa 8955, fax560-548-5293.Advertising ,,E Welding, Inc. All types Renee Troudt at 406- County Road 352. ney, Montana 59270 Unruh, Town Clerk, P.O. Box 2. Well Name and Legal De- Horizontal Terminus (2): 660' of fencing: Farm, re- 433-1452. (Publish August 24, 27, 31, 259, Richey, M'r 59259; 406- =¢dptlon:Trf-W1-2H FNL & 900' FEL, Sac. lO-23N- pairs, government and ~ ~ September 3, 7, 10, 14, 17. 773-5634. A, responses to the Surface Hole Location: 3C0' Deadlines: ,,E chain /ink. Call 406- exquisite catering for sorts. If you are looking 2003)_ detailed RFP must be submit- FSL & 1450' FEL of Sac. 2- County: Richiand 798-7754 or 406-489-any occasion. Ca11406- for something specific ted b~ OCTOBER13, 2003. 23N,,E Mondays 3 o .=Tota, th: give me a call I can lllll (Pubhsh September 7 & 14, Horizontal Intercept (1): 82' (1)9,966"rVD, 14,726'MD. 2003) FNL & 1440' FEE, Sac. 11-23N- (2) 9,956' TVD, 14,098' MD. 0517 (Cell). 433-6010 or 406-742- probably find it for you. S4E. and Notice is hereby given that an 5133. Horizontal Terminus (1): 660' application for permit to drill en Little Gems Daycare. Ca" Russe" St°its at I Advertisin eadlines: I FSL & FEL' 11"23N" Thursdays oil and gee well at the surfaca Fully licensed, experi- So¢. Sac. Disability, Rocken' R Used Auto g D 54E. ~ocation set forth above to the Hedzuntal intercept (2): 742' depth as stated witl be filed with m. the lWor~aoa Board of Oil and enced and cadng. Call Netzer Law Office,Sales, Sidney, 406- Mondays and Thursdays at 2 p. FSL, ,,3,' FEL, ~ ~-23N at 2 p.m. (406)488-1314. Sidney, MT 433-5511.482-8822. 54E. Gas Conservation, Pursuant to Karla Yates Chad's Furniture Marsha Ellison Cliff's Sales & Service Bobbi Bostrora Sidney Herald Janet Cohenour Pamida Lyle Goss Redline Audio" & Cellular Josh $chmidt Winner's Pub Sports Bar & Casino & Bill Clark Lee's Tire Service Center NAPAi Fred S(fuentes PATH Jerry Larsen Sidney Liquor Store Mark Gaffri Video Hot Spot Ray Kordonowy Danielson s True Value Barb Leastman Jock Stop Patty Micheleuo Sidney Paint & Glass Regina Schwindt Hedahls LueUa Dore Triangle Nite Club Medora Burgess The Depot Monica Mocko Millers' comer Doris Lauridsen Reynolds Watch for our Thanksgiving Turkey give- away coming in November! Marvin Welnel La Fiesta Cafe Lou Maul Leo Fischer Finnicum's Furniture Jim Deg Johnson Hardware & Furniture JoAnna Christensen Yellowstone Merc Harold Emly Electricland/Radio Shack ,, t ,/ t Ralph Brown Kozy Kraft Stacy& Taryn Ports Corner Pet Store Steve Decker County Market Dan