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September 3, 2003     Sidney Herald
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September 3, 2003

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Serving the MonDak area since1908 Sktr l t o r i a We've never had to lock our doors before. Why should we have to start now? This is the question many people within the community are asking. In fact, this is the question we at the Herald have asked. Sidney Chief of Police Frank DiFonzo has answered this many times, giving explanation after explanation why it's so important to lock our doors. But people just don't listen until the answer hits close to home. Late-night prowlers have been reported in Sidney for the past few years. We have all heard the warnings, and in a few cases, some homes have been entered. You would think by hearing this from our own police chief people would take the responsibility in making sure their residences are safe and secure. Not true for everyone. A recent incident with a neighborhood close by made us realize that, gee, "Frank is talking to us, too." Why do people always think it will happen to somebody else? Well, we're here to tell you this person or persons don't play favorites. Several different reports on late-night prowlers have been documented throughout all areas of Sidney. It may be right in your backyard. Don't take the chance, lock your doors and windows, and take the necessary steps to provide security for your homes. If you do observe any strange or suspi- cious activity, don't wait and think it's nothing - report it immedi- ately. Our local law enforcement has taken extra measures to try and provide more residential security. The addition of an extra security officer for the business district to free-up other offi- cers, the organization of a volunteer group of citizens to patrol the residential areas of town late at night and most recently, the creation of a neighborhood watch program will help give some peace of mind. Even with these tactics, keeping your home safe first starts with the homeowner. Instead of listening to the coffee shop talk, let's heed the warnings and ask questions directly to our own law enforce- ment officials. A lot more can be accomplished by working together and hopefully this situation can be solved. BY SEN. JIM ELLIOTT Trout Creek "If I knew I was gonna live this long, I Why all the hype on obesity ? Overweight woulda took better care of myself" Eubie significantly higher incidence of diabetes, heart Blake 1893-1993. A couple of weeks ago I participated in the and cancer, among other chronic diseases. The National Governor's Association Policy Academy on Chronic Disease Prevention tion is that by concentrating on reducing and Management. g chronic disease is one see a corresponding decrease in other chronic that either takes a while to manifest itself (smoking and cancer) or one that lasts a long and the associated costs. time (arthritis). Typical chronic diseases are diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and obesity, government types are nervous. You should den Costs of Supersizing" Most chronic diseases can be prevented or be, too, because you're going to pay for it. National Alliance for lessened by changing our habits or early The purpose of the seminar was to help it appears that the fast food detection. That's important not just for the states come up with a plan to minimize the methods similar to those individual, but for government as well. increase in health care costs. Attendance at co industry to Why is your government so concerned the seminars was awarded to only nine states I for one dread a in a competitive process, burger bun, but some about your health? It's not the same reason The fact that our personal actions contribute enacting legislation to your mom had. Providing health care for to our health problems is obvious; smoking restaurants to notify Americans is the second largest expense of and lung cancer, for instance. There are soci- ing their food state governments after education, and one etal factors that figure as well; cigarette ure. But there is some of the largest for the nation. America spends advertising encourages people to do some- on the growth (so to 14 percent of its Gross Domestic Product on thing that is physically harmful. A vigorous America. In 1985, health care, and 75 percent of that cost is public policy emphasizing early detection of ulations where over l0 attributable to chronic disease, breast cancers has met with great success, but were overweight. By Over the past l0 years the cost of health at the same time, the less robust promotion of more of the population of care per person in America has gone up 40 early detection of colorectal cancer has kept nation (except Colorado) percent. That's a lot when you consider that the fatality rate for this disease the same. That's a trend that is due to a our number of people over 65 - the group That's a matter of public policy, habits, and can be miti that accounts for the lion's share of health Obesity is now being listed as a chronic Why all the hype on care costs- has held steady at about 13 per- disease and is associated with high rates of people have a signi| cent of the population. Individual health care cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Calling of diabetes, heat costs are expected4o continue their increase, overeating and under exercising a disease other chronic diseaes. and there's an event that is going to make seems to be stretching the definition, but that by concentrating on those costs soar in the near future. In 2011, obesity plays a significant role in health will see a corresponding the first of the post WWII baby boomers will problems, and it's not entirely a matter of chronic diseases, and the reach 65, and the number of folks over 65 personal restraint. I don't know anyone who Health care is usualb will rise to 20 percent by 2020. wants to be overweight, care of sick people, but a If health care costs increased 40 percent I nearly fell off my chair a few years back aspect of health care is with a static elderly population, what will when I read that someone was suing a fast getting sick. It will they do when the number of elderly on food company for making him overweight, the changes suggested Medicare almost doubles? You can see why "Ridiculous!" I thought to myself. But after ease, but no matter how reading "From Wallet to Waistline, the Hid- long run it will be lots less tha Walking is good for the mind, bod aad m, it. Evet, ymoming, I walk my dog at sunrise and sunset. It's the best way I have found to start and end a successful day. Walk- ing for 30 minutes a day can improve the quality of anyone's life. My morning walk is essential for me. During that time, I wake myself up and prepare mentally for the day ahead. If I don't get out and walk first thing, I will fail back asleep, and I have been known to sleep until late after- noon. I also like to take that time to prioritize my day and ener- gize my spirit. In the evening, I take my dog out for another walk to conclude the day and recap the events. Walking in the evening helps me shed the stress from the day. The exercise helps all aspects of life. It helps relax me and gets me outside to enjoy God's beautiful earth. Taking a half of an+ hour to devote to improving the quality of the other 23 and a half hours is more than worth it. There is no such thing as "not Ellen Robinson e n o u g h Reporter time;" if it is something you really mean to do you will do it. A half of an hour is not much, the length of one TV show. Walking outside increases serotonin levels, the natural feel good chemical released in the brain. If my mood is foul for any reason, a little walk is all I need for a bad mood antidote. The physiological and psy- chological benefits are immeas- urable. I challenge everyone to take a walk once or twice a day and stop to smell the roses. iews of our readers- School officials should look more professional To the Editor: These two men set the exam- My Sidney Herald, the Aug. pie for students, custodial staff, 24 issue, arrived today. The office personnel and teachers. main headline stated "School They were our role models, and days near in Sidney." I read the they ran a tight ship. article and looked at the pictures I cannot imagine either Mr. of the two principals. Mickelson, as superintendent, I had the privilege of teaching or Mr. Gabrielson, as principal, at the West Side School for 17 begin photographed in his years. Harry Mickelson, super- school office at his desk with intendent, hired me in 1964. exposed, hairy, naked legs. Kipp Gabrielson was my princi- Georgia Peterson pal for many years. Culbertson EL NINO gPIKE I! S9 BY JAMES DEES, Ph.D. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines a Adherence to the underlying principles of our law i liberal as "one who is open minded or not strict in the observance of ordaodox, tradi- that joins the liberal and conservative viewpoints, tional or established forms or ways." Simi- in moderation. larly, the dictionary defines a conservative as "one who adheres to traditional methods depends upon the specifics of the situation, are on, if you are more or views." These are accurate definitions, The most dangerous people in history people than about the but in most cases the real choice is simply have been those who had no apparent mix- liberal. The between placing our first loyalty to a person ture of these twq allegiances whether they opposing liberal or group 9f people or in placing our first loy- were extreme liberals or+ extreme corrserva- for all to accept the rule alty to a set of principles, tives. Both extreme liberals and extreme form that law to the Acting as a liberal or a conservative is a conservatives have caused tremendous dam- equality as described in choice that you make daily whether or not age throughout our history. This is a conservative you are a politician. Every day in many dif- This fact is again obvious in civil rights after a liberal parting of the ferent situations, you must decide if you will issues in the United States. For many years, essary to compensate for a owe your primary loyalty to people or to blacks and other minority groups were given When in a liberal frame principles. Being loyal first to people may less than equal treatment in the competition ber that everyone loses in some instances be loyalty to a single indi- for education and jobs. To the credit of our principles by which we vidual (perhaps even yourself), or it may nation, this was recognized during the civil with each other are mean being loyal to a group of people, rights movement. To compensate for these ed to provide preferential Being loyal first to principles may mean that inequities, 25 years ago, blacks and other some of us. When in your first allegiance is to your religious minorities were given preferential treatment of mind, remember beliefs, the laws of the land, or any other set before the law. However, when everyone is other of principles that you believe is important standing in line for job and education oppor- adherence to the principles enough to warrant your allegiance, tunities, you cannot give special considera- law is based is more " Although you make decisions based upon tion to even one person without depriving ence to the law itself. this fundamental choice every day, you another person of what would be theirs. The Adherence probably do not act consistently as either a injured party in this case is white males. The our law is the force that liberal or as a conservative. For example, question today is twofold. First, how much conservative viewpoints, suppose you consider yourself a conserva- compensation is adequate to make up for moderation. As tive. One day a very old woman, obviously previous discrimination? Second, at what always agree on a suffering from mental deterioration, wan- point does this policy cause injury to the imperative ders ahead of you in line at the check out current generation of white males in excess for the counter. Will you take the liberal position of the benefits given to the current genera- conservatives and and simply seek to help her, or will you take tion of blacks and other minorities? lying principles of our the extreme conservative position and Some of us are more concerned the condi- light for their actions. require that she go to the back of the line? tion of blacks and other minorities be fully In this case, most of us would take the lib- rectified, while others are more concerned the James Dees is a eral position. The vast majority of us are a damage done to white males be ended, additional works of his blend of conservatism and liberalism. Regardless of which of these two sides you Whether you act as a liberal or a conservative