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July 7, 2004     Sidney Herald
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July 7, 2004

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! 0A WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 2004 |ditoriol sidney is fortunate enough to host the district Babe Ruth all-star base- ball tournament this year. Action begins Thursday at Moose Park. Area Babe Ruth teams have Certainly enjoyed their share of success during the recent past. We remember state Babe Ruth district tournment in Sidney shouW stress sportsmanship and character. __._JL~..~ -----L __Jm championships being won by Richland County teams and great tournaments being played in Sidney. Going down to Glendive for a state tournament, Richland County came through the loser's bracket in above 100-degree temperatures to win the state title. We also remember when the 13-year- old tournament was played here, and Richland County, a group of battling your ,gsters, ended up in the champi- onship game. Richland County lost the title game, but it was amazing how many fans turned out for the contest. We also remember how small those Richland County boys were compared to the opponents, yet the area players never gave an inch. But we also remember the friend- ships made in the competitive arena. This weekend of baseball isn't high- lighted by which team takes in'st, but rather the fun, character, and sports- manship the players share. No, Babe Ruth baseball isn't about winning. It's not about yelling at um- pires or downgrading the opposition. Babe Ruth baseball is instead an oppor- tunity for youngsters to learn valuable lessons. One part of The Sportsman- ship Code of Babe Ruth baseball reads, "Develop a strong urge for sportsman- like conduct." Another part reads, "De- velop courage in defeat, tolerance and modesty in victory." Hopefully, many good lessons will be shared this weekend. Ir " "ng • i . "iii {iiiii Views of our readers Letter writer didn't put friends, I just elect not to havealco- countries, where same-s hol. Please do not put words in my riage has been in place blame ou te brity hartendJllg letter that weren't there. I support decade, and from sociolo : this town and I support the place search one of the main In response to Kelly Dey's "Don't you work - all of you. [ support quences in Eurot e has blame celebrity events..." Kelly got you, Kell the place where youmarrmge m general has totally the wrong meaning and in- work, the owner of the bust- with a substantial increas ! tent from my letter. Pastor Turek is ness where you work. number of children born gi: the only person who mentionecl wedlock resulting in an celebrity bartending.,, terioration of the traditi ;!i My letter was focused on certain Of course the people that vel sely affected by this the people,"stantly andthethen°neStellWh°theirdrinkkidsC°nnot Same sex mflrriages the children. Sociological to drink. My letter was not to focus should be unconstitutional on unrelated topics often gill on certain places of business and results, but resem'ch on broken families on childreI Richlond events. Lourie Watts' letter was fo- Even if you were to look outside cused on a "certain person," and al- the obviously disturbing news of to- consistent and definite so didn't mention celebrity bartend- day concerning wars and terror- much more likely to be a ing. Both our letters were focused ism, you would still have to con- society than productive on the words "Do as I say - not as I clude we are living in unusual and Given these facts, the basle.... n behalf of Sidney, I'd like to wel- could weaken Ameri- do." even perilous times when we find here is beyond that of simp '" come myself...No, wait...On can sugar producers'I try to attend celebrity bartend- ourselves having to specifically de- ing "diversity" or allowing behal of myself, I'd like to wel- ability to compete ing every year because it's a lot of fine a fundamental social institu- to be more "tolerant." It come Sidney, with other nations, fun, I just choose not to drink. I tion that has been in place for ten- issue of what is more beneil OK, dumb joke, but it's good to be But one thing left would have been there this year, and turies, the "common good" of ourI here. My name is Fred Miller. I came unexamined in all the was ready to walk out the door, but a I am referring, of course, to mar- which is one of the core to Sidney to be an intern at the Herald talk about sugar waslast minute house guest arrived and riage. As I understand it, a hanclful this nation was built on over the summer. I have spent the last the effect the agree- plans changed. But, speaking again of judges (not elected, but appoint- should still be considering I four years in Missoula going to college ment could have on of local clubs, the money spends the ed) in Massachusetts and othering what is best for ourselv at the. Vg sity of Montana. I have Refledi0n people in Guatemala,same, $1.50 for a soda or NA beer, states have stepped outside their j u- A proposal to add an not graduated yet, but I major in print E1 S lvador, and $1.50 for a regular beer. dicial role of interpreting existing to our U.S. Constitution My studies and my cho-. , ..... Nicaragua, and the I support youth hockey and try to laws, and have taken it upon them- for debate and w)ting in the.... treo Miller sen car er have brought me many other Central Ameri-attend all functions at the hockey selves to, essentially, establish their July 12. A petition in sup .M L( challenges, not the least of which, it can nations that would dome (Bulls R Us - love it - beer all own law of who can legally obtain a this amendment is beingjS Lla( would appear, is learning to live be part of the deal. Here is a short list around). Kelly knows that I buy all marriage license, and have extend- by the American Centerf0 _ among Bobcat fans. of other ways CAF'rA could negative- my vitamins and books at Home-ed that privilege to people of the and Justice and will be 9r I ve already been here for about a ly impact those nations, and, in some stead Books. I go out with friends to same sex. Their actions are both un- Congress as they are delib month, off and on, so no, I'm not right cases, the United States as well: play pool or darts, and support all precedented and potentially damag- The goal is to get 400,000 off the boat. I like your little town so • Corporations would be allowed to local organizations, ing for all Americans. Taking a bib- this petition, which is cur e' far. The people are friendly. I felt a lit- sue governments over regulations, I buy all my food, clothes and met- lical perspective on why same-sex around 37o,000. If you are d tle awkward at first, when I first such as environmental laws, that the chandise in this town, and support unions are bad for individuals as cerned about this issue, dropped in out of nowhere, but that its' growth 100 percent- unlike well as society is, I believe, corn- easily show your support t ca feeling has largely gone away. some who only buy outside of town. pellingenough; however, you don't your name on this petitiOffT L since then, I've seen much of what Just last week I was in the business have to go that far" to reason this ing the toll-free number' 87 : Sidney has to offer. I've learned about where Kelly works, and spent ais not what we want to incorporate 2255, or by visiting their W ×t the Bostana Dairy and the beautiful great deal of money (on separate oc- into American life. ],.. old courthouse dome. I met the good , casions) on meals with a guest in The evidence is clear enough R@!vv. b people at Richland Opportunities Inc. the restaurant, from the experiences they've had in I saw a production of "Treasure Is- I love to go out in the evening with Europe, especially in Scandinavian land" put on by Arch Ellwein and . . .... . Belieis on war,lib erols,"goy marriages, g'i IIIhe other day I saw a letter from happened. You be-out a subway station in Ia lady who questioned just lieve President think I've said enough abo I about every opinion I have. And Bush went to war this column for the last that's all right. The problem is that for the benefit of years to let anyone know I think she knows about as much Halliburton. think of him. I about me as a cow knows about the You believe in re- I don't believe Jeb Bush theory of relativity, visionist history, body else for that matter Since I have neither the time nor rewriting it to suit stolen the election. The the inclination to address people of your left-leaning vi- Gore lost, that s just the some talented young actors. I even met Rep. Dennis Rehberg. My only regret, so far, is that I never got the chance to go paddlefishing. It's too bad I missed an opportunity to stand by a cold river and hook a prehistoric monster. (Seri- ously, though, it sounds like a fun local custom, if a little bit strange.) It's been a nice time getting to know this little town and the people in it, and I'm sure it will continue to be. One more thing: if anyone has a coffee table they wouldn't mind loaning out, please let me know. MORE ABOUT CAFTA When Rep. Dennis Rehberg cameto Sidney Thursday, I learned many in Richland County are understandably worried that the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement corporations say infringe on their profits. • Some pro-worker safeguards Amer- icans take for granted, such as anti- child labor laws and workplace safety laws, would be eliminated for Ameri- ca's trading partners. As other na- tions' workers lose their ability to unionize and bargain for higher wages; more American jobs would flee to poorer countries. We've already seen this in the "outsourcing" of many low,wage jobs, such as manufac- turing, information and technology. • The cost of important and life-sav- ing medicines /ill be driven up in oth- er nations by tough new patent regula- tions. When asked about these issues, Re- hberg said he is always willing to take such concerns into account when making up his mind about CAFYA or any other trade agreement. Velazquez, his Democratic opponent, said free trade should not be allowed to trump human rights. "When they talk about free trade, it's not just dollars and cents here," she said. t0 US The Sidney Herald welcomes letters to the are published. editor. Whether political, a problem in the Letters submitted to the Sidney Herald may city or neighborhood, or to pat someone be published or distributed in print or elec- on the back, let us know what's on your tronic forms. mind. All letters must include the writer's signature, address and daytime telephone Write number. We do not publishanonymous I.effers to Editor letters: Letters should be 300 words or Sidney less; all are subject to editing for spelling, 310 2rid Ave. N.E. clerity or length. Be sure of your facts. It is Sidney, MT 5~70 impossible fc~r the newspaper to verify |-maih edil~sidneyherald.c~n intormation in every letter. Fax: 406-433-7802 We reserve the right to select which letters SERVING THE MONDAK REGION SINCE 1900 her ilk separately, I thought I would G0d bless sion of the world, cookie crumbles. write a kind of blanket letter let- hmefico You believe gunsI think the United Natio about as useless as mammal Ubby Berndt Publisher Charlie Danlels is a artist and en Bill Vander Week Managing Editor i s0es fo 0g Ame ico.s ting them know what I stand for should be locked up and what I believe in. instead of t.he crim- First of all, since this letter is not Charlie Ooniels inals who are caus- intended for everybody let me qual- ing all the trouble ify the kind of people I'm talking with them. about. You believe the wealthy should be You think that street crime and taxed to within an inch of their the spread of AIDS is caused from poverty. lack of federal funding. You believe a person should be You think that the murder of an 8 able to marry a duck if they want to and a half-month-old child falls un- and that the duck should receive der the heading of a woman's right benefits. to choose. You believe drilling tbr oil in Yo.u think Hillary Clinton hung Alaska could bring on another ice the moon and that Bill Clinton's age. looking at the people of America You believe there is a vast right- through a television camera and ly- wing conspiracy, and you probably ing to them was OK as long as he believe that Grape-Nuts Flakes is apologized, an incurable venereal disease. You think that A1 Gore was cheat- OK, having said that, just so you ed out of the election by Jeb Bush. don't make a mistake in under- You think the United Nations is standing me, let me tell you how I the end all, be all, answer to all the feel about it. world's problems. AIDS are spread mainly by a ho- You think Trent Lott should be se- mosexual lifestyle and don't take riously punished for speaking kind- my word for it, look it up. The epi- ly of Strom Thurmond, but Sen. demic in the heterosexual commu- Dodd's fawning over a former mem- nity that was predicted never mate- her of the Kin Klux Klan is perfect- rialized. ly fine. Abortion is murder and no You think anything that Jesse amount of intellectualizing can Jackson or A1Sharpton say is won- change that fact. If life doesn't be- derful no matter how racist or de- gin at conception when does it be- grading it may be. gin? You think George Bush and as- Hillary Clinton stands against sorted right-wing personalities just about everything I believe in, knew about the 9-11 attack before it and I wouldn't vote for her to clean glands on a boar hog. We oil for food fraud reaches highest levels of the they are for sale at these le' do we know they are telli truth about the weapons destruction? Trent Lott bragged on m'l 'o who no longer has anything with the shaping of public and got soundly castigated Sen. Dodd lauded a former of the Klu Klux Klan who in the Senate and got noth cJesse ,u Jackson and A1 more racial divisio. country than they heal. everything on the white know this will probably epiphany to some of you the truth is that it just If you don't believe that in Iraq is the war on terrot w, e fighting over there noW/ When the government dollar they drain it throU beaurocracy and have 28 left to do something usefu$ an American citizen gets a they spend 100 cents relea I money into the economy in prosperity for everyboa