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May 25, 2003     Sidney Herald
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May 25, 2003

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May 25, 2OO3 Agriculture: The backbone of the MonDak Region Herald-Leader , .: n on tlpg Fat , +++'++-: dly fun, ' ++ ++++++ -wlAu's4.mi: ] tn ' , ROBERT .... Cercospora any- ....... rose- T. leaf "' spott e ;' they cospora lower ent aM45, (Eminent), ....... producer's classes dOpenncozeb), yields, use leaf protectant of these spot control fungicides and can practices orptins" still fungicides stobilurin _ccur" when Cer- such In use studied new from cospora infected Over of strategies alternate biologi the at beticola crop NPARL past debris"" designed .albased two plants control include in and the to first which iden- soil, half and the onI ' ........ ease. By to'combat identifying the pathogen these sec- " ' al",.galnst Cer,-o ora i tJ y i [ compare them with known DNA , ::+ ....... ; Plant Pathologist samples from pure C. beticola I.',^~following is the latest ~ .." . cultures. If necessary any ..... . ~ii~gi~::'::~: ..... ~.~ in a monthly ser, es dts- l:.~::.~i: ~ , ongoingresearchefforts l l ll/I l throughmatcheSDNA, confirmed % ..... ,:,~. ~' .... "~ USDA-ARS Northern ..... _ ..... * .... I~~[IL ! All this can be achieved with- , ~ : tAgricultural Research ...... ~-:~~l out the need to purify the DNA ...... "~ ~tory(NPaRL) inSidney. ~~i from infected plant tissues, enabling us to screen a wide ll SUgar beet growers else- range of potential secondary ...... SUBMITTEDPHOT otl producers in eastern - hosts, even those which show no This "friendly fungus (on left) is ovetlaking a Cercoapo- "-re and western North outward symptoms of the dis- ra beticola sample. SUBMITTED PHOTO ed aw th erco:;ora' l a'f This plane sprays a Montana sugar beet field for Cer- ondarv hosts, we can develop a ments, growth ofC. beticolawas tial against a large number of r Sugar beet a funeal dis- " coapora leaf spot disease. Cercoapora beticola, the fun- management system to eitiaer significantly repressed when it plant pathogens. The Trichoder- at ' gus causing the disease, la rapidly developing resistance r m - , .... was paired against isolates of ma fungi antagonize patho ens 'fll a!sCan lead to yield and . e eve the carrier plant or . . . . g es totaling as much as tO some of the fungucides being used to fight it. eliminate the C beticola Laensarm. usLng a variety of methods such nt of the crop s value ' even pathogen harbored in it. It does so by degrading car- as producing toxins which lOSS cauls De as ntgn ~, A new approach to cosporin, a toxin produced by C. inhibit or destroy the pathogens ! .. lent ! it7 per nectare, lne sis- b'olo ical o ro beticola and implicated in the or by physically coiling around ouno wnerever sugar I .... Other problems, too, can limit tify and exclude the pathogen There have been earlier, limit- development of disease syrup- the pathogens and killing them. grownana isone ot the ost ed studies of potential biological toms in infected plants. Our In our evaluation in cultural controls for Cercospora bet-ice- research indicates that cer- media, it appears that the three portant mnar uiseases or ,, . the Northern Plains area, differ- act as carriers of the disease. The disease can pro - la. But because the disease is cosporin may also act to protect Trichoderma species studied - nitlcant root yield loss- as benzimidazoles (Topsin M), years, we have been examining considered a foliar disease, the C. beticola against potential nat- Trichoderma harzianum, Tri- previous attempts at biocontrol ural enemies choderma aureoviride and Tri- well as reduce sugar con . - sterol biosynthesis inhibitors new approaches to combat Cer- action and root storage have relied on the use of foliar Working together with NPARL choderma virens - all destroy ....... (SuperTin, AgriTin, Dithane the fact that it survives mostly in antagonists such as the bacteria microbiologist Dr. TheCan Cae- Cercospora by producing toxins Bacillus subtilis , sar-TonThat, we have shown that that kill it prior to physical con- ase, errec,iv However, at "NPARL we ve L. arvalis produces an enzyme(s) tact. Exactly how the three Tri- ment oI t.ercospora Lear, fungicides (Gem and Quadris) - and secondly on the premise that nds upon a rapia ana s ....... are alternately applied to man- the disease-causing fungu may taken a new approach by solicit- which degrade this toxin, thus choderma species accomplish imz help from soil-inhabiting exposing Cercospora to attack, that task will be determined in aiagnoms in mis ]L age the disease. But while these have a wider host range than fungi in In addition, L. arvalis produce future research at NPARL. fungicides have proven effective previously thought In either ts su _o e te n _ lqdentifiedL, with the aid of in managing Cercospora leaf instance, surviving conidia and i rvival ( v rwin ri metabolites which kill Cer- The next step stage during which it resides cosporaprior to physical contact All four fungi studied have pe _co to. d..etermine the spot in the short run, theother disease-causing factors orim rilv on soil debris Over of the two fungi. Whether the been tested extensively at of conldiophores and pathogen frequently develoFs a found in soil debris or in alter- - - " e mtheleaflesions. With- nate host plants initiate infection the past two years wehavebeen d ath is caused by the same NPARL for their potential to microscope to discern I I ltll~n" . . ' in the following sugar beet crop evaluatinlz four such promisin~z enzyme or by other product(s) of antagonize Cercospora. With the i tale conldla, even an : u-t L ,I I by germinating and producing soil fung and their ability to L. arvalis remains to be estab- successful completion of this nced person can some- I spores that are spread by wind, combat C beticola in the lab lished. It is now obvious, howev- preliminary work, we will be |Confuse the symptoms of I water, rain or, nsects._ . They include Laetisaria arvalisl er, that L. arvalis is capable of expanding our research this year i Dora ,; leaf spot with other [ - _ - _ [ Trichoderma harzianum Tri-antagonizing Cercospora and to greenhouse trials to determine llb,l=-vr leaf blotches pro- ] I newlySecndarYinfectedSpreSplantsfrmthenthSefur- choderma aureoviride anti Tri- reducing its ability to cause dis- if these friendly fungi can actu- cboderma virens, ease. ally destroy Cercospora in the y other agents IY I r- l ll lr I ther spread the disease. i,_.._ ll rrent management of ,I Rapid detection of Cer- Control with Our results suggest a need for soil, not just on test plates, and ereospora leaf spot I -en Laetisaria arvalis further research into the use of what size population is needed Ik_ cospOra in other _,~l~Sprale~afspt iscaused ~ " weeds and crops Laetisaria arvalis is a soil- soil-inhabiting agents to combat to accomplish that task. inhabiting funlzus ori~i'nallv iso- foliar pathogens like C. beticola if these greenhouse tests sub- I mngus Lercspra oetl' !cc . .* " SUBMITTED PHOTO Our first strategy for control ..... " i " ccc ........ and is rimanl con A sugar beet leaf infected h 1 se is to ra dl lated from a sugar beet farm in when they are found n the sod. sequently prove successful, we P Y - ling t e d'sea' ' pi y Nebraska Because this fungusControl with Trichodermawill expand our trials further to ~Wlm a comoinauon o[ with Cercos,,ora leaf shot identify these alternate weed has been shown to suppress sew- The other friendly fungi we include large field tests next year practices the use of H " l . . . and crop hosts in which Cer- --_ ,Ete arierie and the apph- resistance to them overtime. In cospora hides. This will allow us eral plant pathogens it is con- have been evaluating belong to in preparation for the future 10t` fungicides, addition, concern for the envi- to destroy these plants, where sidered a likely candiclate to also the Trichoderma group, which adoption of this biocontrol strate- rotations, are.also varied ronment has led to the banning possible, and interrupt the InattaCklaboratoryCercspraculture- and experi-it does. haSfor itsreCeivedbiologicalthe nlOStcontrolattentiOnpoten_ gy by area sugar beet producers. the d sease wtth rotatmns ct v a e ' e 1 ul 1 of several other effe i e fungi- p thog n s lil cyc e, timate y ". ar beets and non-host '1' ' ...... " ar .| , . , :_ cideSing control ...... options, we need to kllmgit.(PCR) that FARM AI.,CTION routinely carried out in + t, . Takinga second look To this end, we have devel- mm our year cycles While fi - Given the limitations of exist- aped a molecular technique aPproaches can help pro =,aPP . amplifies extremely [LOCATION: From Wolf Poin+l, MT--Go 1.5 miles East on Hwy 2, turn North on Road 17 1072, +, are sometimes reluctant .... .... ar . examine new ways tor identify- small amounts of suspected Cer- [ go 10.5 miles. Roads will be marked.. certain tools, such as As nts c . ' * ing and managing Cercospora cospora beticola DN egme " I OWNERS: Jerry and Carol Fachner (406) 392-5566 Lunch will be available. I SATU " li t varieties, because of leaf spot Alternatives being directly frominfectedplanttis- RDAY, JUNE 14, 2003 9,30 A,M. :. :~!:i~:. :i:%: : .... '. ~+. ,.~:~i':~. :~ .......... n resigns from College of Agriculture i ii , Sharron Quisenberry, dean of the Quisenberry s significant contributions to MSU :{: ::. i:.iii % ........ { : '.). . ": ....... State University College of Agriculture were almost quadrupling the College of Agricul- irector of its Agricultural Experiment ture s student scholarship fund and development , has resigned to take a position in Virginia. of an Institute for Biobased Products and Food 11 96CatChallenger85C1571Hrl.,36"Tracks, 1976eessna150,3200TT156rSMOHKing " 19 8JD~lOCo.mb.inel..~SeperatorHml. I 4 VaNes, High Cap Hyd., Like New KXI70B Nay Cam, King KT 76 Transponder u ata..~enter,.~ra~n I.ols ~orl.i~r, V'.L~toe Nerco AR.BS0 Encoder. Auto G~$ STC ~;nat+ ~praaoer, Aux PlelO LlgMts, JU w~ ' Header w/Finger Reel, For+ Aft, Extra Sickle, I FARM MACHINERY Dozens of New Oil Filters (3) Type B~n Aerators Completely Servted & Field Ready I ~~M-F'~N D," 1-9 S'pd. Powerst+ift 3 Log Sphtter -. Engine Driven/Hyd, Floor Jack - Walker 6 Ton [ -~-f0-Lo~rw/8" Air Power Lubester w/50' Hose. Eleclr+c Power Hack Saw Bu~ ~ux "V Ive ' ' 150Ga PckupFue Tank EtectPump & Hose I AirBrakes, SetUgF~Ttailan20'CIMBox, Hoist&RotlTarp ]zboalP'icKupl-uellanK.zz.bAnlpAL.Pcwelder | ~k'2"2"~5 ~res Welding Tal~e & V+se.: Bench Gnnders ..... I 1980 In~rnational $1800 Truck, 406 Gas, 43,090 Mites, 18' ~lr compressor uev+~mss 2 Stage (r~eeds t:~ect. Motor) I Tires, HeawDuty Scissor ~ V Nobel.Blade .. 8at~e~ Chargers,,- Ladders ~] IS ;I'+-+ +~++++~ --" I ~9~6 ~,,+ ~+T~ Se~,~ Track, 89,000 Miles. Duaity, Moms0n Oxy.Am~le.? Gas . tacked up for sprung yet , +o~.~,o,+~,+0,.o. ,neto,,owlngven/c,eeareeomp,eteandwer+ I ~fes on Rebui, Engine, Clutch & running wmtn parked, stored In$iae: I 1992 Flex~l 5000 APt Drilt, 2320 Tow Between Tank, 45' & 9" 1948 For(:i Luck 1946 Fore = rucK. uox ~, Ha=st Don't worry. I |~~.~W~.ll&~'ake, .. 1941Fo~TrucklS'Box&Hp+st,(St+~Have.Original,941Tt~e, I Specing~e Chute'Caps on Press Wheels+ Mounted Seed 1951 Chew Sedan ~/ l Tmat~, ball Cover " The following vehicles vary from 11~ Flaxicol185' 65XL Sprayer, 1500 Gal. Tank, Remote complete cars & tt'ucks tO part+= erS: I Johnson Hardware & Furniture Is! I | Con~ ONOff E~, Updated Shields 1971 Thunderbird Ford Model A Truck 1951 Chew 4 Dr I JO 1600 Toot Bar, 41', wl NH/3 Attachment Ford Model T 1956 Ford 4 Or nesday, June 4 .~nesclay, June 4 / I Quality products at the ~ I |RennHydReelTypeRock,icker.,0~0GalNH/3Tank&Catt SeYeta141-46FordTnJckBod+es. 5,52Mereury4Dr I 55' ~k 10" An_get. PTO Swing Away Has 3-2 Barrel Carb & Mamfo~d'~, 1934 Buick 4 Dr 'I~., Miles City, MT I I lowest price-guaranteed ~ I |35'Frtgg$ledTod, Bar 1955 Ford Crown Vctoria (Needs Restonation, Cor~pleteCar, | (2) 1500 Gel. Water Tanks 1937 Plymouth Co~pe, No Motor. Model h 2 Dr Body ::::i:~+, ii:.ii~i:il. i: ::;i :i!:ii!(i!: ::::fill | 35' Sekundlak T Auger w/18hp Twin Cyl Briggi 1936 Chew 2 Dr Sedan Body 1951 Ford 2 Or Sedan i{}}i:{~!:!:::i~{~i~l mml i and Auction 1!t ......... 3 I~, .'&%+.,,ts~,,.,.,~..~se., K'tcheT'ble&41C~9'P~hlC-ha"lr~'Tra"shCornPalr + ,, ............ ORTHO l 'aJ ,?w'"' ,2"Cmrw.(2) ," +,+++,o.s. W mend I lreater I~ +op~y 3 P1 HOSt Hate Auger {3) Rocker Retainers. Rocker. S~de by S~de F~ 130'C~eet w/_Moun~ fe~ JD200 & 900 Platforms ,~ Pc Bedroom Set Mattress & Box S~nn -- !i IL_ +" l I ~ .Lawn, tree & shrub spray I ~| .Kills over 75 insects I Watinga Grain Vec w/Ford Industrial Engine ..... .... 4 Pmce Bedroom Set Mattress & Box Spnn End Table !pturday, June 7 I I i,, .Kills mosquitos & other l~'Use n vegetables, I I ~ . Lo*~y Genre E ram, c Organ& Bench. Meter Of~ce Desk iffl~-., r~ ....... -,- I I B nuisancetnsects I~ flowers, lawns&shrubs I ILaVtsm~zY~~;~;,. ...... Gas Water Heater (Used a Mnths) " GE Gas Kitchen Stve [:~!il]i!i I ,+la, Dlahes, Silverware. Pots & Pans Infant bike Ca~r Seat i'1m''Hlcney'Ml /I 32ozeon.ntrate 32ozconcont o I "+"+'"'"+'*"'*+' 2) +'+++ se+" "+'+'+ ' +" " + ++ ' ++' ++ .... I9' Flatbed Pickup Bed (Aim_get New) . Room Size Air Conditioners (4) High Back Kitchen Stools !i Thieszen I I ~ ~ I~' ~I '~"++'+++++++'"+' ++.+..o, wo++++o.+...+0++. .----. 1 (2) 1988~r~ P~ckup Box_es (Need Paint) t4) Large Stem Speakers ,. arm Auct0on" ~ ~1~ I~/~l Bug only'4~ll,lr-,~il~ I 116'McCrm~Tl~r(Od)'Um~dPwer-Ple)'UsedPipe Men's, Women's,K~$Downh/itSkis, Soots&PoLss, CaeRoof : Mosquito only--,,~lli~r--i B Con B Con IRounO Ddve Fence Posts Used. {2) Culverts Guitar Amp & Speakers Dual Cassette Dank VCR's I 3 Pt Sickle Mower Motorcycle Helmets. Dozens of 33 RPM Records u I] I Lots of New &USS~ Car, Track & Tractor Tires & Wheels Ping Pang Table, Garden Hoses, Sprinklers & Garden Tools rday, June 14 I : : ...... ' +++ "++' ' +' Exer~+eb'ke'Clers'Tberms'WaterJugs'Picn'cTable =~-- I Lots of New & ~ Hydranhc Hoses & Fittings Many otherttems, too numerou= to mentionl ~!2!:a:!~ i l B ~ii~i I ~ =~I,+,-~+++.,+-+,+,-+.++,,,+,,....+++,.c+,... +---+-=-----+.,,~+++.,.+.+~+++.~.++++.+++..-+.... __--~ I (3} TaSle Saws. ~ Saw ~v~o~ uy o~,wt , v=.~ ,.+vv-.,~,.,-~,..~. | ;t~', 3/F Elect Ddlls, 34", I/2", 3/8" Socket Sets 1997 Beltavtsta 16'x80 Trmler House, 3-Sedroom, i'~ ':i~rm Auction / I / I ~ 24oz, RTU I I PL~ Fi 'nn~ ~s, Tap & Die Sets. End Wrench Sets Stove 13ishwasher. Garden Bathtub iManyuoxesofNewBaanngs.l(;Og(3al, bw{3alPuet leaks ..... ' " "" 4"" 16+"ox&"ost IIManyVanousSizesNew&LlsedToolserShovels&Bo~ts ]9~z~ordt-t~00Truck, 361Mot~, ~,z, t~ N :: ,i~:, . tatewideAuctions I I i ,+.of u.0Baow. ...... esmn.r~atw/~ermm./u.p+,++.+etup I Hundreds of New & Used Stl~ Fence PostsFor F,shmg, w/Trailer (Consigned by Russell 406486+2300) | Mixing Banks & Mixing Paint, Micro~he, Scales, Books, Porte T~an 22 Gooseneck Sock Trader (for more mtorm~on contacl I w..aa on on, 'ql:MIIl I W dB..O.on n Power Dozens of New & Used Belts Rick 406-485-2548) I --Weed Killer " ~ I weeo.~lller .... " ~ I " AUCTIONEER NOTE ' - ' I ~~ ~+ I ~o,n,on', I I++~c.o+.+++o"+o+n0++0+,,,+o"oo+~+,+o+'0+l linsde and is fietd ready. Bdng your wives as there is p enty of household, toe We are p~anning to run I I N ~+ problem? I guarantee I ~o.o,oo-T.,..,,+,+.+o,.,..., ~.+,~.,.,. .+. : I | ,am..=,,.. I Johnson's will meet I "+'+' "~ " " -- ++ " =+++ " ~" +" " ++ " +' +' "++ ++" ++ | I~ ~ only $29,99 I or beat any locally I | | Terms of ~de: Cuh Not Reepon$1ble for/ldents. Sale managed & conducted by: ~ I I I advertised, price on I nstoc, +n, I Solve it with Johnson s Ortho I " / | I i ' I garden prducts' / I ' _ Problem__Solver Bookt / . Rick Kniopkamp I J" ""=" =="" '-" "-'W:'+/ -- Circle, Montana ~om~r^1+U~+q~r~u~m. (406) 485-2548 /111 S. Central Ave., S.idney 406-482-1402o www.johnsonsgotit.comI J