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April 26, 1972     Sidney Herald
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April 26, 1972

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1 ,xamine Beef Prices (F, ditor&apos;s Note: The following is reprinted from the Livestock Reporter, 6, 1972, with permission the publisher, Patrick K. It was brought to our by Fritz Rehbein of Publisher Billings, Mont. -- Everyone the United States un- a profit or a loss. business people and .rehers understand return on but the livestock the rancher, and the the packer and the must look at their in- on a per day basis. each and every The dec)slang you make day surely can affect you but you make that and that decision in given day. Decision time is here for the the doubt, for four days of ownership, his gross return per day is $35.62. Now, if you want to put a calculator or a pencil to the return on investment per day, can you please notice the situation that the rancher is in, and yes, the feeder too. This retailer is making 604.7 per cent more gross return per head per day of ownership than the packer. He's making 5,162.3 per cent more gross return per head per day of ownership than the feeder and this retailer is making 7420.8 per cent more gross return per head per day of ownership than the rancher. Profits are made by the amount of time it takes to turn your money over. You in the ranching business are owning this 700 pound steer for an average of 18 months compared to this chain store retailer who but all of these people turn their product over so much more quickly than the rancher. The rancher with 540 days or 18 months, tied up in this steer on a return of 48 cent gross return per head per day of ownership has expenses too. A pickup that used to cost $2,800 now costs $4,800. A good hired man that used to cost $250 now costs $450 or $500 per month. Land that used to cost $8.00 an acre now costs $40.00 an acre. Taxes that used to cost $300 a year now are $3,000 a year. Cows that used to cost $25 a year to run now are $110 per head per year to run. It's time that the livestock industry compared their gross return per head per day of ownership with their friendly enemies who receive and use their stock to and through the consumer. BATTER UP -- Tim Sampson is currently the leading hitter on the University o! Montana, at Missoula, baseball team with a . average In 14 games. He is from Sidney and has played a major role In Montana's splitting it's 14 games played. Sampson plays left field and leads the Grlz- zttes In extra base ldts with nine. The Sidney Herald, Sidney, Mont., Wed., April 26, 1972.9 Benefit By Weed Science Developments in weed sci- pounds suchasherbicideshave have place assessing bene- ence in the past quarter cen- tury have released American farmers from millions (ff hours o( drudgery and toil while helping to establish the basis for massive gains in ag- ricultural productivity, ac- tcording to Dr. Dayton L. hUng- man, president (ff the Weed Science Society of America, and reported by Larry W. Mitich, weed specialist for the NDJ Cooperative Exten- sion Service. "Weed science is a crucial part c our production capa- city for food and fiber," notes Dr. Klingman, "but it is also a major contributor to the ad- vanced social and cultural structures o( the 20th cen- tury. Our environment has been dramatically improved when crop protection corn- been correctly used." If our improved agricultur- al technology developed in the past 25 years were deliberate- ly destrvored, we would need 300 million acres (ff new crop land -- equal to the area (ff eight mid-Western states -- simply to feed our present population, reports Dr. Kling- man. "Today there is a trend to discuss developments such as herbicides in terms ot ex- tremes, with much emphasis on potential hazards. The sci- entist, however, must push ahead to evaluate new find- ings on a sound basis; he must work to get this knowledge to the public so that judgements can be made on an enlighten- ed basis. Fears and super- stitions and strident publicity fits and risks related to weed science," Dr. KHngman notes. Your World Is As Big As You Make It. Today's Army wants to join you. SSG Edwd P. Liddiara, Phone: 653-1572 .+ Wo!f Point, Mont. ,'r--=" owns that fat steer for four days industry. Read and or even two days, that's the v  V if you will how the con- difference in return on in- ' 0 II 'sl)eef dollar is divid,! by vestment. Those in the ran- industry, ching business aren't even in I  I  ' I you study this chart you the same ballpark with the food .+: ........ notice that the rancher retail chains. , I I, i!!ii.:::.. .:ii.. i!ii!iii:,. .-i I 'ith nearly $800 to $1,200 per The food chains aren t all bad I ........... ... .............  ................. +...'. ......... + ....................................  ...... t , .?::: .": "::!:: .:::.:i ::::::'.i::::::-:+: .... :$. :" ::::?.!::::::! i<:!!i::i::: ..i'.:..:: 0w unit investment receives as through their advertising  ..+ ....... : ...... : ................................................... ii:.: i ii!i?..:+ ..... :i:..:.j+* ............. .:.:.::!i:::::* ............................... "ii.: .............. !i"':':': :::  any given 700 pound yearling and promotion to a great ll ti!::i i .. ii'. ........... ::i::..'.: .... li" "[!ii! eer a total of 48 cents per day degree, beef consumption has  , !  .: +:::.. ,:-:! +::i:,!!:-.'..,::::,::::  return if he can sell his steers doubled in 20 years but so have I  .. ,  .... i ....  .ii!!!: :iii!!i.i:- .... :.ii.i: :!: :,':. iii!! 0 "<" ': P:'::', :" '+:" '::::::+'+:" ,:::':"''" ' :'::':+:':':+:+'" i:::': :"::':'+'::" ::':"  $37.22 a hundred weight, their profits and more. I  ++ ++ +::i ++:' +::+it +it!i++++ +:::it +i ++++J++ .::: :i:: ,- ........ .i ii: iii.ii ii i::! ii :"!' | "s at the outset of this The retail price spread of "  .+ '" ,:::.:.. .............. argument is giving the industry $142.48 as shown in this I .... +:::+ ............................... +'+:':+'+'+ t benefit of the doubt, example is not justified by the I I+ l" "  l  rl  !   l +te feeder in a high cost services rendered by their .   v --,...  =/ jmiElii operating position with a lot of industry. As pointed out by the  -- mmm...._ /  ------ -,-,-,mm- | eXpensive feed and materials N e b r a s k a L i v e s t o c k  mm ,,.m,mmm t ,.. y ,  pr I aM help receives but 69 cents Association, consumers should  ,, ,.,,., w- Per head per day. This is a close take a long, hard look at this I "  "  t raargin but yu will nte that he figure and nt unairly blame i ;TUIE;DAY MAY 2 1972 i keeps the animal about five the cattle industry for the bulge onths compared to 18 months in beef prices. tot the rancher. The cattlemaus portion of the Thenthere's the packer, who consumers beef dollar is much, :m this example is owning this much smaller than it should be. I I arcass for seven days. Beef takes 2.5 per cent of ational figures will show that disposable personal income.  -- - - - Free Coffee I this is nearly 3 days longer than This is less than for any time in S ! T" ] 0 o.m. Lunch by Mona Homemakers ! eaverage. Most packers will history any where, l . I ave him on the truck and gone The insultsandaccusations a e ,me. 00 in three days but at the seven that the chain stores have ! day level he is able to get a brought to the American public  ....... i ! return of $5.89 per head per day about the beef industry appear I ' L " U I ...... " [ " " I " " OfownershiP.Then thereis the retail chain libelous and totally unfounded. .......... l LOCATION. 9 males south of Culbertson on Haghway 16, 13 males west and I male south. Watch for Stgns Stop ..... at under Tne teeaer, wire ms  cem , e l-'lease note m " - d r da f " gross return per nea pe Y  ' Havingleased OUt otr land + l ...... | -- e' i our days of ownership of th|s ................ Carcass and this by the wav out ot tins steer, nas expen We wdl sell at Pubhc Auctmn " Anti eo "'+ : " -" " "'e and costly feeds to buy, laborto q il , ; +1 Farm Machnnery I ques 0 um De OOUDIe Irom tn --" " k u national average because pay, macnmery to !eep p,  1963- FS00 Ford Truck- V8 Motor- Metal I [ t Chains don't want their money tee, ng..,eqmp,menttotmrYe a .ntr " i tied up that long but again !|sana sca_.  l_. t Tradewind Box end Hoist w/Stock Rack- I ...... M I ooc00 I ms ts a mw margm ousmeas Jonn ueere NO. O ower i giving the retailer thebenefit of I 8.25 Rear Tire=- Only 20,000 Mile=. Truck I I Crock Jug= t + l Looks Like New. l Jok. Deere Model 38 Mower- 9' Cutter Bar l i mmmosv ,TOTAL i 4010- John Deem Standard Diesel Tractor- I Weed Swayer Trailer Type * I Forge w/Blower and Tong= i --__ omvma or  Dual Hydraulic= Complete Engine Over- I Champion Post Hole Digger 6" and 9" Augers I 2 Pot Drills and Bit= =m =mmm (m=m) (0 n , ,t =37.,, ! haul - Lea Than 100 Hours. I 10' Dump Rake I " _ ........ ,  .. ro -,, e..,., t ............ I . I Old Cow tSell Tram uenrnarK - 1 ouo t of,ffis  ,, ! u - ua=e b-tanoara urn=el/ractor w/Cab - I 31 Grain Au ,, w/Motor and Carrier I _ - ............. o ! n=,, t= ,., =,=, i Dual H,,draulics I ="" I t;oal Heater - very UId but tOOO uonom n i ycea=sm=to, i , + i1.11 " + iI 32' Bazooka Grain Auger w/Carriar and New I Model A Motor and Radiator v steer in Jim, 1972. ' I I ' ' ! FARM MAC Me.,+ Motor and Good Radiato 0 HINERY 4 Bottom Case Plow w/Breaker Bottoms Lots of Model T Parts l We=tgo Hydrauhc Dump Rock Picker Good Cond l mmu ==c=n o,,=,,  Model D Case Tractor w/Hydraulic= I _ r .  Old Barber Chair - . (IJ0 dm) (Th for 400 ibe. of = w,,   I WA , t,o.. Tractor I Front [ractor Mount Buzz Saw I | rtimm. About S months we-t,4, - ,. i r or 2 Wheel Trailer with 7x12 Flat Bed t . vc. c. T =. I I Shop Tools and Eau,n. "-" | ._ ,. u:.._ Fron" I 4 Wheel Trailer- 38 Ford Frame and Wheels I "= r I "mze, cmmazcmv   . Model H F..,,x,, w..,um I - - . 0 h) (4#1 11. at 8.4 cent= ==,.=..=r=.".=, I Farmhand Loader- Hay Bask. w/Pushoff I t..ment M!xer I electric Fencers I Bumper Jacks i preim'il the "--. for retailer.) . 2" Foilago Forks- Manure Fork and Gravel I . uu MII.I ....... i Barrel Pumpl ! Large Shop OU i m=rraummR'rJv mLum  | -.._ u z - OUU allOn Purl/anKs and 5tunas n l ,,*.m ,+,,.+,u.. +cem.=o..,,u..=.. +.meg. i .9wl'lam'Gn..on " Come'in '4' He - t"-m"lete I Fmld" Servme" Tank w/Pump I Greale Guns _ 1! " """ '' -- " " " "' "" " Lots of Bolts Washers Cotter Pins v "---. wraFtPinSfor self ser'v,. J displaying) t Motor Overhaul I Several Older Pieces of Equipment I " " | co,umm,,vs  I 1956-Gleaner Combine 14' Header- Excellent I Large Water Tank l Bench Grinds' I mov.,, i (491.3 Ibm. retail cuts s,+." ......,,.. ofr o.) I Condition l I Hand Tools l Forks usu^: "="..p=.,+'",o" '.Mre+',....,o-.,,o.'" =o..=..=,,.,+. J....nt"d o.,, o, ; John D..e. e 12' Double Disc Press Drill I I Fencing Tools ' Chain Saw "'Pisute. blu:l on ave.. days of ownership of one yearling steer commg off ; 7 Spacing E I . . - . I Water Pump w/2"' Discharg l V ' V Ir.startinllattherancher. ' , JohnDeere 10 Double Disc Press Drill I nv- t k n IO. I LargoBench Vim " . (Thele lre educated mdustry tlme estimates that could vary somewhat to economlc . ...A in . L __s oc a d .,u ,. +mo..) v / :spac Ig ,, Several Log Chains V O John Oeere 12 Hoe Drill 10 Spacing w/Fertili. I I .ract - --or Radio I l zer Attachment l Team Black Mare=- 10 and 11 yrs. old I _ + _ "t 2- John Deem 14' Heavy Duty Flex Tdlers" I 1- Black Saddle Horm- 9yrs. old I Many Imms Too Numerous to Mention v= I JhnDeere13'TlBar I 1-Buck=kinRegimredQuarterHor=e-Saddle I UAII{IUAI h I'IPIkA( i i I Graham Hohme13" Tool Bar I Mare-9yr=.old. This mare is the one / nvu=:nv,-u I/K: a lady rides in parades and trail rides, v i John Deere Tandem Disc | | Very Nice Kitchen Chrome Set w/4 Chairs i V # . -- O IHC 12 Tandem Dmc / 15 Horm collars I 20 cu. ft. Upright Freezer t 1 6 Section Harrow | Harness | Refrigerator ; New Holland Baler 272- w/Stooker / Miles City Stock Saddle I m.=;ic sm. ' or ; Farmhand Grain Scoop n Sob I e.d, ' . Farmhand V Snow Plow , / 1 - Wagon and Box I La--.Z.Bo-- Reclinar ! | 10' MM Heavy Duty One Wa Some Old Wagons Y Y I I Sw,vo, Rock. I I "iU I  WHICHEVER | ...... I I ........ i Ii lli,AIL I EE  YOU CHOOSE, be sure : HENRY PETERSON and FRED THOMPSOH : I to, .. I (Owners) I  for the.  -.. I  financing. RONALD TORGERSON CLERK JAMES BIEBER II I i I 1  We can arrange Lic. 125 - Bonded Torgerson and Torgeron Lic. 67 - Bonded + + | I+-- I  omfortab!e Sidney, Montana Fairview, Montana i I1i I  termsto f!t I ' your family's -=L .. A00O :sn -- 0 n7 ++'+i -- -o+ ++++ : Northern Building tt) " Not Responsible For Accidents % 'n " Posting of this Sale Bill in public places and delivery of copies 1 i and Loan Ass to creditors will serve as compliance with New Uniform  I Commercial Code Law.  I i i!i ili! ! i / I i ! i i!ii  I + ii I  II ! Next To Post Office