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March 10, 2019     Sidney Herald
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March 10, 2019

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I I SUNDAY, MARCH l0 2019 Classifieds niiiill-t’ titrziiic CHERYL ‘ ' . MONK: VANEVERY ‘ WATERS NMLSlD #523475 ‘NMLSlDfit 1589; Call Us 433-8600 Legal Legal Legal Legal Office Refit—teamed '"Vltation to Bid NOT'CE '5 MONTANA SEVENTH (7TH) NOT|CE OF TRUSTEES SALE If such amounts are paid by HEREBY GIVEN, That the the Beneficiar th t . . JUDICIAL DISTRICT, . Yr 9 amou” 5 or Board otCounty CommiSSion- RICHLAND COUNTY Tn,ngfiggpfigagg,9, taxes Will be added to the obli- V ers of Richland Cdounty], Mon- (N THE MATTER OF THE at 11.00 AM in the mam lobby gations secured by the Deed of Mondaye‘l‘hurgday taha, Wlll 0“ M0n 3y, t e Glgh' ADOPTION or: MAL; of the Richland County Chum Trust. Other expenses to be teem“ (18m) day oft/talc“ .at A minor child l house located at 201 West Charged again“ the WWW“ N0 Weekendst 2:30 pm. in their office in Sid- by LUKE JARED VERS’CHOOTY Mam Sheet Sidney. MT of this sale include the g ' ney, Mohtana, open sealedI Petitioner, 59270, the following described Trustees fees and attorneys Computer 3mg; gggfi gustgmef bids fort e purchase, instal CAUSE N0 DA_19_1 real property Situated in Rich fees, costs and expenses of the | s W andg‘an‘up Ol one" Hon. Judge Katherine M. land County, State of Montana: sa'er and. late Chargesi ‘t 3W SBl‘VlCtE’ Eététtii; a mttffi'lft 150 KW resel Generator Sys Bidegaray Lot 10 of Block 2 of wings Beneficrary has elected, and , H tem SUMMONS FOR PUBLIC/WON first Addition to the my of has directed the Trustee to sell Payroll exitetttgitgtg is hetp‘t’ut, Spec't'cat'ons for”?'at°' To: Josn FAULKNER. GREET— Sidney Montana according to the above desct'bet’ moment a SyStem and Other We” "W" INGS: By virtue of an Order of the official plat thereof on file ‘0 Sat'sty the °b"93“0”- Pay Negfitlable- ma‘lonmaybeomlned by the SeveiithJudicial District inthe office 0ftlie oierkand Thesalelsaput’llcsa'eand i contacting the Richland County C -. - an ' l (1‘ th 8 — . . ourt, Richland Count , State t theme '"C U. "‘9 e 9” DES office at 123 West Main, of y Recorder COUM‘ eftcrary, excepting only the Sidney, MT 59270 v Trustee ma bid atthe sale . . Montana. in a 6er action to More commonly known as 702 . t . y . . (436i'lggfiié2rilhtlgdvgremTahL@ obtain an Order for Stepparent 8th Street SE, Sidney, MT The W once mUSt be pa'd 'm' 9 -' ~ 9- Adoption of Minor Child 59270. med'ate'y “90" the 0'0“ Of 203 S Contest Ave, Sidney ScilldglegrlclsnligrsthtfeFfrlllllsllal/ted MAL-Zn , Matthew W. McDaniel, as 5"“?an lhdcaSh 0t Corsair equwa: 40643532?” by August 1st 2019 Prevailing and Order for Termination of Grammy conveyed said {93, en sftv: Ihmpney or tars, cer W3 es and Davism'cm we as Parental Rights of Josh Faulkn- property to Richland County l' '3 C St 5 Of 088 lets g 9 er, the natural father of the mi- Title, LLC, as Trustee, to 39. CheCkS). The conveyance Will RESTO OF MONTANA. tNC. wrll apply. nor cure an obligation owed to be made by Trustees Deed, Scope of Work: Deliverand in- a a . without an re resentation or , Child M.A.L.Z.. it appears by Mortgage Electronic Registia~ . y p. stall a complete 150 kw diesel SUCh Order that personal 38h hon Systems, mg as nominee warranty including warranty of generator system at the vice on 0” could not be made _ title, express or implied, as the FarrvrewTSphool In FairVIew, y because {gasgé‘élhgmigfinifisoéllgg§$ sale is made strictly‘on an as 1 Pre l\zgre sigelllgruallzece tance Of your absence from the Slate SOFS and BSSignS. by 969d 0t '5‘ Where—IS baSl-S' W't-hom “ml— P P Of Montana. If you object to the Trust on June 23,20141and tation, the sale is being made of system. 2. Provide all equip- _ . sub‘ect to all existin condi- ment for trenching placement Pebtion for Steppatent AdOP filed for record in the records “01%, if any, of I883 paint, tion i and electrical work. 3._|nstall of Minor Chhd MALL and Reggrtggrcifilhrlg]Igllaékcgghtlhy mold or other environmental or an underground condu't' cable Petition for Termination of State of Montana on June 23’ health hazards The sale W“ N V " . i ' and W'an to and from the Parental Rights of Josh Faulkn- 2014 as tnsmjmem N0. ' Chaser Shall be entitled t0 903‘ ' ' ' ' generator and transfer switch. 4. Install concrete pads for both the generator and transfer Inspiring Students-371:9 Learn er (hereinafter Petition) you are 585356, in Book 3.257, at 5358th 0t the DCOPetty Oh the required to Respond to the Pe— Page 613, of Official Records. 10th day tO'IOW'ng the sale- _ mien within twentyflne (21) The Deed of Trust was as_ The Grantor, successor in in— Today to Tomorrow SWthh Dellvef Install days Signed for value as follows terest t0 the GrantOr‘ or any _ .. , Sspfchf'ghl augmfiigp 33353:; after service of this Summons A‘sstgrtee- pennyMac map Other DerSOn haVing ah lnteteSt Wl C m in . . — - ’ ' . ' . . exclus ve of the da of servrce, l“ the ptopenyi “33‘ 9 “gm ‘ gig/p]?ng hgsjtapl %:Trl§]rié:1t§tre%fiil by Sawing an angwer upon Asgghvhfggtr stifled: T at tany tiSmle ptrior tottheh N I . ‘ Chase rusees ae, opay o e . . ,. main power cables oircwts for E. Brown of Nelle, Law Office, ASS/lgfihsethlohfglged. Beneflcrary, or the successor in MS Administrative Secretary generator heaters and battery p_C_ atforneyfor petitioner, September); 2018 interest to the Beneficiary, the Termlnate at “flop amount due W'r'w‘ 8' '“slal'andw'rt’a-re' N- 27“ Streettloot Billingsi mate“: as 'nsttument N04 them“ “WWW-e Ob'“ Food Service/Cafeteria Worker mme annhnnatot panel mslde Yellowstone County State of 501163 m 300k p-18 gathD secured thereby (IHCtUd' the burlding. 9. Perform final Montana: 5915” at page 281 ing costs and expenses actual- CERTIFIED: Special Education Aides Route Bus Driver Substitute Teaci’ters Substitute Route Bus Drivers installation testing per spectfi- ly incurred and attorneys fees) -_ All in the records of the County . canons? 10' Provlde Owner 0” The Answer must have a denial Clerk and Recorder for Rich- Othettha” 31”“ Dorm” 0f the entation upon finaltesting. f H “h f - prlnCIDal as would not then be 0 any or a o 6 acts In 8 land County, Montana Potential bidders shall present Petition that you believe to he Brian J‘ Poher is the Succes_ due had no default occurred their Montana State comme— untrue. The Answer must alSO sor Trustee pursuant to a Sub— and by Curing any Other dam” tors License with their bid. - . r _ . i lalned of herein that is , have plain. direct statements of emotion of Trustee recorded in 00m” . N0 M N'” be Cons'dered “n any facts that make up a do the office of the Clerk and Capable 0f bemg 0”er by ten' less accompamed by a bid fense. An facts in the Petition Recorder Of Richland County, dering the performance re- b0nd. bank draft. money orderi that ‘ uired under the obll ation or - - YOU 0 “Gt deny In the A“ State of Montana, on February q 9 . I _ thirglhegugl szlgfiggsctfihktgnh swer will be considered admit- 1, 2019 as tnstrumenr No. to CUTE the default, by pal/mg ACtIVIty BUS Drrvers ted. If you do not file an An- 602390‘ in 3001(293’ at Page all costs and expenses actually percent (10%) oi the total bld- swer by the deadline set tom, 486‘ of 0mm, Records. incurred in enforcing the obli- The bid shall be presented in a h v t' d D d fT t 'th , erein, the Petitioner ma ask 93‘ ‘0” 3" ee 0 ms W' sealed enVelODe contalhlhg a the Com to enter a judgllnem ngfgfilfihfifigtlgrfisdg?[gill a Successor Trustees and attor— COACHES (201 8— 1 9): Assistant Softball Coach copy of the complete bid speci- t he s fees. in the event that all gainSt YOU by default. Deed of Trust due to Grantors y . .. “Catwnsandmarked You must file youranswerand failure to make monthl a - detail”? are Chteethetoredo' e re 1/ SolS an MC oac TFrAelRmEVlggggrEfi/(figghglrhd proof of service in duplicate mems beginning August 1’ sure Will be dismissed and the y y With the Clerk 0f Court at the 2018, and each month subse- foreCIOSUre Sale W‘” be Track COaClT County Commissioners, 201 - a r ~ canceled. West Mam, Sidney, MT 59270. Seventh Judrcral District Court, quent, which monthly install- . - The scheduled Trustees Sale Questions should be directed Richland County Courthouse, ments would have been applied . . 300124h Ave. NW. Sidney, on the rincl al and interest may be DOStponEd by pUbllC t0 RIChland COUhty DES COOT' Richland County, State of Mon- due on Sgid oblligahon and 0th proclamation up to 15 days for dinator, Debra Gilbert - i . th t f tana 70‘ n any reason . _n e even 0 at 406.433.2220. .592 CCOtdance er charges against the property bankruptcy hhth the we may . _ with the rules of Court. or loan. By reason of said de— Successful bidder shall be re GIVEN under my hand this hith the Beneficiary has de_ be postponed by the Trustee nutre‘ttOSmeltapefio" 19thdayofFEBRUARY2019, claredallsumsowingonthe lOTUPtO‘ZWaYSbVPUD'F COACHES (201 9—20): HS Assistant Volleyball Coach MS Volleyball Coach HS Asst Football Coach mance bond to the WWW for at the hour of obligation secured by said proclamation at least every 30 the amount-0f the emposal 10:00 am. o'clock. Trust Deed immediately due days that '5 summed be Ore 60”" Janice Klempel and payable. The total amount If the Trustee is unable to con Applications available online at or Contact: Christy Nelson Payroll Personnel Clerk tract is approved. CI - i ve title foran reason the erk of Court y , y . Requests tor ADA/EEO accom‘ MNAXLP Publish February 24th, pfifi‘ffigl‘thofil'gi‘ginl'f successful bidders sole and ex— modations or information March 3rd and March 10th clusive remedy shall be the re- should be directed to the _ w $3 3ggtgg’sés'2rm ggcglfiées of turn of monies paid to the Suc- COUhty Clerk recorder. 201 — $247136 other amounts due cessor Trustee and the suc- West mam Street’ Sldney’ MT 2-Year TV Price Guarantee and payable in the amount of CeSSfU' bidder Shall have no or 406.433.1708 (phone). Al- . . further recourse. terhahve accessible formats of FREE Vorce Remote $1,748.36 for a total amount This is an attempt to collect a ""3 “it?” “W” i “fi’ammmtmmh‘ . “titties:tittFtiet‘iaiitti“ demand an eyzruoitciof‘oiome: warmer The Board :3chth Commis_ Demmegesfingmemlnmem and oth'erfees and costs that tamed M” be 3183:“ format : f; Sidney, MT 59270 ,5 i ‘ sioners reservesthe rightto re- TechnologyatYourLocalDlSHRetailer may be Incurred or advanced. D t d m.p“1rgth d'a N b _ positions are open uni-f} fined, ,i' lect any or all bids, to waive ir- Eaghsmuhe ThedBenefigiagy anticipattIes firs/132819 Brian J. Pgrttter‘es , .. . . . ._ .L regularities, or to accept any Sewing Montana since1980 a m Oatsrgiymg h‘gsggfiicred to stitute Trustee 376 East 400 gill: vllgétllnttleilesllerffnttlghl):nldl 40672189999 preserve and protect the prop- EetuthUTSléi‘tfi lSal}1 Lake ' W'°39°‘a“""°’“ any and for real property taxes ' y’ ep one‘ player in our business! County. Dated at Sidney, Montana this 28 day of February, 2019. Stephanie Verhasselt, Clerk Recorder MNAXLP Publish March 3'“, MNAXLP Publlsh March 3'‘1 10‘“ & 17th c n M E w n R K F 0 R Send resume to publisher®sldlleyhcrzlld.culn ,. 801-355-2886 Office Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8AM-5PM (MST) File No. 54659 No. 54659 We have an opening for (I (mitt uttitt: ltltirufllulIlSI/SCWESLHH$0! Do you have grunt phone skills and and fllt‘ vmi mind with customers“) that may become due or delin- quent, unless such amounts of taxes are paid by the Grantor. d: PHEIIEI' '5 tom I Add internet from $49.99 Reslixlicnsawty Basic computer skills are ntmrtert. Flexible schedule, Pun tum: