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January 13, 2010     Sidney Herald
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January 13, 2010

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1 OA WEDNESDAY, JAN. 13, 2010 EWPOINTS , ilrrmllnn SIDNEY HERALD Editorial Use caution when time .... comes to shovel snow Many of us have a habit of thinking we&apos;re in better physical shape than we are in reality. When heavy amounts of snow arrives and it's our responsibili- ty to shovel walks, the sudden strenuous work can prove deadly. For example, in Milwaukee, when more than 8 inches hit Thursday, a newspaper reported three men died while shoveling snow. There ages were 52, 74 and 81 years. The point is please don't over- do it when you shovel snow. Take plenty of breaks and finish the job slowly if necessary. Other suggestions for shovel- ing snow include • Avoid caffeine or nicotine be- lants may m- crease your heart rate and cause your blood vessels to con- strict. • Loosen up your muscles be- fore shoveling by walking for a few minutes. Stretch your arms and legs. • Protect your back from in- jury by shoveling correctly. Stand with your feet about hip width for balance and keep the shovel close to your body. Bend from the knees (not the back) and tighten your stomach mus- cles as you lift the snow. Avoid twisting movements. If you question whether you can shovel when large amounts of snow fall. pay someone to do the job. Your health is more im- portant than money. o .o0 0 • • o go •   0"° . o 8 °,, °° J © ,' %,: a, • go • ° Z) - o  u d .' "- ° ' O, u •  o o p= o 0 D . o • 0 o o O . , , o. o • , . C= * 0 % , • O ,0 " Q o. p 0 o  u O " ,r':,  . 0 0 . 0 0 . -  o . 0  0 o 0 o 0 o Q.  ° 0 o 0  "o o  0 o a 0 , o • $ 0 t ,.o 0 ' 0 ., ' o < )  "" 0 o  0 u °  oO 0 ' "o O   '0 0 0 C) = Q ID ’*  , 0 0  o o o  0 0 o (::) o . o < -' , ,  ,)  o  o 0 o , 0    o o "  ° • " " O, ,b O b o o °  O e. O 0 O c o , o , 3 ,o 0 o o()   o  o t 0 O# 0 e3v $ 0 0 ,o  o P o o O  o 0 o o o ' '°  ° e ° "0 O" 0 o" O d O o, o 0 > O_ 0 O u 0 o 0 o 0 0 C 0 o 0 o o" o o o . o v CO.NEcTINGT00EI00.TS " ° ° " ° °° ) o b o o /-- o o , ° (A .£,F..ASONAL ETAPI-,E)P.) o C O 0 0 0 o o  € Clueless in D.C. for why we're at war po hear President Obama speak  have been repatriat- '(ritkal information was fore beginning. These stimu- (particularly if his teleprompter ed have returned to is engaged) one would assume  the battlefield to allowed to slip through our Thanks a bunch l0 that he is also intelligent. Unfortu- fight us again. After nately being articulate is not syn- great political pres- hands hefoose Ohoma caa't onymous with being intelligent, sure from his own This is most evident in the way party (including Sen. frle n d ly strangers terrorism.Obama is waging the war against isDiane Feinstein WhOso far left she risks seem to separate enemy Obama made no bones about his Seeing things falling off the world) terrorists from close relationship with the Moslem Obama agreed to religion, bragging that he was raised e right way temporarily stop (ommon criminals." ast week saw one heck of a winter storm, wouldn't you say? This area didn't see as much snow as other parts of the country, but if you drive a little car, 6 inches of snow is just a little too much. Sometimes following those tracks larger vehicles make just into enough. That snow in be- tween those tracks can be too tall for a small car to get over. That's what happened Wednes- day morning as I drove to work. I did fine until I reached the in- tersection at the fire hall when the snow was too deep. There I was in the middle of the road on Second Avenue S.E., trying to go forward, then put- ting the car in reverse until it couldn't move, then trying to drive forward. I tried to maneu- ver the car to get back onto Sec- ond Street S.E. to go toward Cenal Avenue where it was plowed. I started to panic as a couple vehicles were aproach- ing from behind. The. -was em- barrassed for being ine way. Then a man came toe dri- ver's door to say he annother woman would help ptt the car from behind. Comple strangers. So they PUed. No luck. We tried it a fexore times but it didn't lel]. Then, two othe]; Pele came :, to help and used their pickup to push me out of the rut and cat- apult the car to- ward Central. I was amazed and very thank- ful strangers Shooting came to my res- the breeze cue. I feel fortu- nate to live in a place where Louisa Barber people you don't know will go help within a matter of min- Utesl and you don't have to wor- ry about being mugged. Time and again I've heard tes- timonies similar to mine but it's another thing to experience it for yourself, especially if you're not one to want to lean on oth- ers for help. I don't know who my rescuers were. I was hoping to say thank you. I didn't get the chance though. I don't know if they'll even read this, but I just want to say thank you for stopping what you were doing to help me. You are more appreciated than you think. Louisa Barber is a reporter for the Sidney Herald. She can be reached at 406-433-2403 I reportesidneyher- (:ontact your state legislators Donald Steinbeisser (R) Information Office: 406-444-4800 * Senate PO Box 200500, Helena, MT 59620-0500 * Send an Online Message to ltp : / / / css /sessions / 5 9th / legwebmessage.asp Home Address: 11918 County Road 348, Sidney, MT 59270-9620 • 406- 482-2187 * Walter L McNutt (R) Information Office: 406-444-4800 • House of Representatives PO Box 200400, Helena, MT 59620-0400 Send an Online Message to / legwebmessage.asp Home Address: 110 12th Ave SW, Sidney, MT 59270-3614 • 406-488- 4966 * wmcnu, Write to us The Sidney Herald welcomes let- ters to the editor. Whether politi- cal; a problem in the city or neigh- borhoocl, or to .pat someone on the back, let us know what s on your mind. All letters must include the writer s signature, address and daytime telephone number. We do not publish anonymous letters. Letters should be 300 words or' less; all are subject to editing for spelling, clarity or length. Be sure of your facts. It is impossible for the newspaper to verify informa- tion in every letter. We resei've the right to select which letters are published. One in a Moslem family and that he at- tended a Moslem school in Indone- sia. We learned that Obama was a 20- year member of Rev. Wright's "God damn America" church. We wit- nessed with disgust Obama bowing to Moslem royalty. We heard him claim that "the United States is not a Christian nation." Obama dubbed the war in Iraq as "Bush's war" and declared it was the wrong war in the wrong place. On the other hand, his war (Afghanistan) is a just war against our "real enemies." Obama just can't wrap his mind around the adt th'what we are fighting is a religious war. The ene- my is the Moslem Jthadists who feel directed by God to convert the "infi- dels" of the world to Islam. The war on terrorism is not a war over territory- it's about religion. Most Americans have been condi- tioned by political correctness (p.c.) not to talk in those terms. Just as the Catholics battled Protestants in Northern Ireland, we are at battle over religious beliefs. Obama is so naive that when he was considering Gen. McCrystal's request for additional troops (which, by the way, took months) he even suggested we limit the war to A1 Quida (A.Q.) and not concern our- selves with the Taliban. In fact they are both armies of Islamist Ji- hadists with the same objective - de- stroy America and convert all Amer- icans to Islam. Obama attempts to comIrartmen- talize the war. Iraq--bad. Afghanistan good. A.Q. bad, Taliban O.K. This same ambiguity has led him to continue pressing for closure of GITMO knowing that those who sending GITMO Jacque Best Yemenise back to Yemen but insists they will be sent there in the future - as soon as the Yemen government can control the A.Q. (that's not going to happen, so Obama's fall-back plan will probably be to release them here). As we learned from the ';Christ- mas day bomber," Yemen is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism. Obama can't process the fact that our religious enemies are not all in Afghanistan - they are literally everywhere. All of the traditional mid-east countries harbor out enemies, including those we have attempted to buy off. (Egypt, Jordan and Libya come to mind im- mediately). Extremist Moslems occupy Pales- tine, Indochina, the Philippines and much of Eastern Europe. Our ene- mies are right here in Dearborn, Mich. Obama classifies enemies by nationality when he should be clas- sifying them by religion. (E.g. the Fort Hood shooter- supposedly an American.) While not all Moslems are terrorists, all terrorists are Moslem. It's not unreasonable to ex- pect a pat down or X-ray screening if you're a Moslem traveling to the United States or traveling within the United States. It might be inconven- ient and undoubtedly will find most Moslem travelers clean, but it is nec- essary to the survival of our Democ- racy The Christmas bomber could have been averted but for p.c. The mantra of liberals (and A.C.L.U.) is "we can- not use racial profiling - it's unfair." Because of these leftist liberals we search Grandma Jones from Peoria but allow a terrorist reported by his Jacque Best Columnist own father as "extremist" to board a plane without a pat down search or an X-ray screening. Obama gives the Christmas bomber the same treatment he gave the 9-11 terrorists - all OUR constitu- tional rights, rather than treating him as a military combatant at war with the United States. As a result the bomber was allowed to "lawy.? up" and refuse to provide informa- tion critical to nation defense. These terrorists are not common crimi- nals; they are "soldiers of Islam" at war with America. Critical informa- tion was allowed to slip through our hands because Obama can't seem to separate enemy terrorists from com- mon criminals. Obama claims to be a historian, but he needs to review history. Reli- gious zealots intent on converting the world to Islam won the 15th cen- tury Ottoman Empire. Conquered nations were given one ultimatum- convert to Islam or die. Today's ter- rorists have the same objective in mind - convert the world to Islam_ and destroy the "ultimate infidel," the United States of America. Wake up Mr. President, before reli- gious warriors (who will stop at nothing to see us obliterated) bring our country to its knees. It's not na- tionality that counts in thiswar- it's religion. The sooner you realize this the sooner we can begin defend- ing ourselves against the real enemy. Jocque Best is a retired lawyer in Sidney. Seriously, Happy New Year! SERVING THE MONDAK REGION SINCE 1908 Libby Berndt Publisher T, iOh e words "Happy New Year" used  al. The only reminder '1 knew I didn't have to wait a be a sarcastic phrase for me. is the trickling of a is is the fwst year in memory in W few late-ceming holi- whole year to feel which I have not had to resolve myself day cards and letters. to enjoy January and Febru. I can relate to my 3- that joy again." I believe that happiness is a choice.- year-old son, who be- Yes, there are times in my life when I came so accustomed have been unhappy. Sometimes chaos- to a Christmas cookie ing to be happy is easier than other when he got home Sara Frederick letter per month unless in response times.The choice is a lot easier forme Living Jrl from school that he Columnist to a nother letter, in August. Montana cried when he arrived The Herald will nat publish letters It starts with the natural letdown of home from his first like my heart will be fat and fifll." critical of individuals or businesses the holidays ending. There is so much day after the holidays This year, when I put the decora. unless such letters deal with issues to look forward to in November and Sara Frederick to discover a]lthe ons back in storage, I wasn't putting involving taxpayers funds. December, and so much to do! A per- cookies were gone. In away the magic I knew I didn't have to Letters submittedto the Sidney son doesn't havetime to consider hap- yearspast, I'dhave been tempted to wait awhole year to feelthatjoyagain. Herald may be published or dis- piness. Itjust is. cry, too. Maybe it's because this year, the tributed in print or electronic forms. Then, the holidays come and I gorge This Christmas was far and above blessin that I enjoyed so much had Write to: myself on goodies and love. I gobble the best of the best. I was wrapped up less to do with decorations and family Letters to the Editor up allthe cookies andcandies and in so many blessings Igot anew smile coming in from far away and gifts and Sidney Herald hugs from all my family and friends wrinkle. You'd think, with a Christ- holiday food. This year, the blessings 310 2nd Ave. N.E. near and far. I soak in the soft shine of mas that good, the letdown would have come from within. This year, the Sidney, MT 59270 holiday lights as I drive home in the been that much bigger, wrapped presents and twinkling lights |-marl: dark after work. I am energized by the There was a time when I'd have lvere just a bonus- icing on top of a Fox= 406-433-7802 spirit of the season, dwelled on that wrinkle. If I'd had a T- 10rious, tasty cake I get to enjoy aI1 And just as quickly as it arrives, it's shirt printed to describe my mood, it ear round. This year, for the twst time over. The goodies are eaten, the tree is would,ve said, "The holidays came  my life, I believed in my own magic. taken down. The stockings are boxed and all I got was this lousy wrinkle." Seriously, Happy New Year! i [ 411[P[l:l up, the nativity is gently wrapped in This year, I look at my new wrinkle tissue. Visiting family and friends re- differently, This year, my T-shirt Sam Fmderkk lives and writes in Lewistown. An turn home, and we all head back to would quote Goldie Hawn: "I'll have a archive of The Sara Beth limes is available online work and school to resume life as usu- lot of wrinkles on my face, but I feel at Contact your governor's office Gov. Brian Schweitzer It. Gov. John Bohlinger Bill Vander Weele Managing Editor Office of the Governor, PO Box 200801, State Capitol, Helena, MT Office: Room 207, PO Box 201091, State Capitol, Helena, MT 59620- 59620-0801 ° 406-444.3111 ° 1901 = 406.444-3111 •